Chase Credit Cards: How the Instant Approval Program Works


There was a time when waiting for news about a credit card application was a stressful thing. It could take at least a day to learn if the card was one its way, and a further 3 to 4 days before it was received through the mail. These days, getting a Chase credit card is a whole lot easier.The reason is partly to do with a more customer-focused attitude prevalent amongst all banks and credit card issuers, and partly due to the conveniences offered by the Internet. Online, applications can be processed in seconds, and approved in minutes. But through the instant approval program, the waiting is down to practically nil.As approval processes go, this new program means even applicants with poor credit histories have a chance to secure the approval. A group of US banks and card issuers now apply only the most basic criteria – like employment and income – for applicants in search of affordable credit cards.Why Get A Credit Card At All?For anyone who has ever applied for a Chase credit card, there is no surprise in the incentives on offer, from the cash-back schemes to the range of discounts available. Of course, all credit cards come with incentives and typical amongst them is an introductory offer of 0% APR and no annual fees.This effectively means that effectively means there are no charges for the purchases made for the first 6 months, or whatever the duration of the introductory term is. The specifics can differ depending on the card and the lender, but not all are part of an instant approval program.However, despite the fact that Chase cards are amongst the most affordable credit cards, it is necessary to consider that, after the introductory periods, an APR of 14.99% is applied. Despite the good rate, but card users must always bear the reality of card usage in mind.Benefits of the Instant Approval ProgramThere are always advantages to getting a Chase credit card, but through this special program, a different category of applicant can avail of them. The idea behind the program is to provide those with poor credit scores with a chance to rebuild their credit rating.Cards secured through the instant approval program have the same conditions that regular cards have, but the credit limits are quite low. This is for two reasons: firstly, the card issuer keeps the risk lower; and secondly, the cardholder is better able to manage his finances – and effective management is the key to rebuilding credit status.It is important to get an affordable credit card if the aim is to improve credit ratings and, ultimately, build a stronger financial status. Credit cards are, after all, synonymous with financial problems.Managing Your CardThe incentives to use your Chase credit card are many, but it is essential that the card is used as responsibly as possible if the problems associated with credit cards are to be avoided.The simple truth is that the cardholders are always responsible for their credit card debt, so self-discipline is hugely important. For those who have not been so disciplined in the past, the instant approval program provides an opportunity to set things right again – with the help of some rules.For example, only use the cards to pay bills, and then set a dedicated date each month to clear the balance. It might also be an idea not to use your credit card for social purposes. In that way, these affordable credit cards remain affordable.

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