Chase Credit Cards: Why The Instant Approval Program is Good


The Internet offers a plethora of advantages to users. When it comes to financial issues, the speed with which transactions are completed means loans are granted faster, money is transferred immediately and credit cards are approved more swiftly. But now, Chase credit cards can be approved even faster. In fact, instantly.Chase bank (along with Bank of America) has introduced an instant approval program to help the growing number of borrowers with ailing finances to reclaim a stronger financial position. The move is also seen as an ideal way to revive the economy. Criteria has been cut, with applicants now only needing to prove an ability to repay.Ignoring credit histories is part of the deal, with cardholders receiving these credit cards effectively getting another chance to properly manage their finances. In this way, their financial future is improved in the process.Benefits For ApplicantsEveryone expects credit cards to come with a range of incentives, and Chase credit cards are no different. But with some of the most generous incentives and rewards schemes around, their cards are less expensive than it first seems.Still, there are benefits that should be expected as a matter of course, from 0% APR and no annual fees to 0% charges on purchases and balance transfers, usually for the first 6 months or so. With the instant approval program, qualifying cardholders benefit from these introductory offers too.When the introductory offer ends, APR is charged at a slightly higher rate of as much a 14.99% to 19.99%, depending on the terms of the credit card offer.  But the affordability of the cards lie in the fact that the cardholder applies better card management, thus avoiding the interest rates completely.Advantages of Instant ApprovalChase credit cards offer a range of incentives that effectively lower the costs of the cards. But for many, it is the promise of instant access to a source of vital extra funds that is the key advantage. It means that financial emergencies can be cleared quickly, and unexpected expenses handled without delay.Through an instant approval program, the application process is made simple, with the stress of waiting for news of approval or rejection removed. But clearly the biggest benefit of having such an accessible route to approval is the chance provided bad credit borrowers with a way to rebuild their credit reputation.There is a certain irony to the fact that a credit card can rescue a credit reputation, since they are often held responsible for the demise of that reputation in the first place. But in truth, cardholders who have a mature attitude rarely get into trouble from using their card, and a chance to master this discipline is provided.Good Card ManagementAs with all cards, managing your Chase credit card properly is the secret to maintaining a strong financial position. The fact is that financial problems suffered through these cards come down to the cardholders. So if the attitude of the cardholder is mature, there should be no problems.With the instant approval program from Chase (and Bank of America), cardholders can now get a second chance to get it right. Often it comes down to applying some simple rules of usage. Perhaps the card is used only for specific purposes, like paying utility bills. Shopping trips can be kept to a minimum, or perhaps only be considered debit card events.When discipline is adhered to, credit cards become beneficial rather than troublesome.

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