Chase Platinum Business Credit Card: How Business Owners Can Benefit


Credit cards are an essential companion for business owners. They are vital for making fast payments, placing orders and covering travel costs when necessary. And it is in recognition of this fact that the Chase Platinum Business Credit Card has emerged, providing benefits that small and medium sized businesses can find very worthwhile.There is no doubt that approval of a high credit limit can prove to be risky, but since the card is to benefit business, with expenses and invoices that need to be paid quickly and supplies to be sourced without delay, a limit of up to $35,000 is ample. Business owners know better than to spend wildly anyway.There is always reason to examine closely the factors that affect a card before getting one. But with a range of Chase credit cards that suits every lifestyle and business, there are great advantages to be enjoyed.What the Card OffersThere are a number of advantages to taking on a Chase Platinum Business Credit Card, advantages that not only give the cardholder a certain freedom but also provide a meaningful support when conducting business.Typical benefits include an introductory offer of 0% APR for the first 12 months on both purchases and balance transfers. There is also no annual fee, but with a credit limit of up to $35,000, the cardholder is given plenty of room to maneuver. Of course, the approval of a high credit limit can spell trouble if the card is not used wisely.However, another key benefit of this Chase credit card is that significant savings can be made on the purchase of business and office equipment. For example, as much as 20% can be saved on the cost of buying computers and office supplies.Factors to ConsiderThere are not many negatives to the Chase Platinum Business Credit Card, with the card clearly designed to encourage small business. It can help them to get off the ground by covering some of the start-up costs, or maintaining a flow of funds needed to keep the office running smoothly.The attraction of the card means that transferring balances from old credit card providers is to be expected. For some, it is the draw of getting approval of a high credit limit, but it is important to understand that transferring balances on other major cards will affect the credit balance, in much the same way as making a purchase.Also, Chase does not contact the old credit card company to notify that card account should be closed. That will need to be done by the holder of the new Chase credit card. Leaving it undone, can result in higher costs.Extra BenefitsThere are other benefits to a Chase Platinum Business Credit Card that are worth noting. Though they may not make a hugely significant difference to the cardholder, they are certainly convenient to have. The card offers emergency and travel assistance, purchase protection and travel accident insurance.It means that business travelers are covered on the business journeys, something that can come in useful when on the road – or in most cases, in the air. There is no doubt that getting approval of a high credit limit can lead to financial pressure, but as with all credit cards, careful management can ensure a good future.And for business owners looking to invest in new computer equipment, this Chase credit card is ideal, allowing for cost-saving investment in necessary equipment.

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