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There are many reasons why many people refuse to do business at banks. Many of them feel that they have been robbed by some of the extravagant fees that they were charged when they were loyal customers in the past. Others feel that the banks are not too fair about how they approve people for their many financial services, even though the applicants may have good credit history. No matter what your particular reason is for not doing your business at a bank, there are many reasons why more and more people choose to do business at a credit union instead.Credit unions are smaller financial institutions that offer many of the same services as big banks. The main difference is that they often have less stringent membership requirements, and they offer services that are much more accessible to their customers. If you were to ask credit union members what it is that they feel is the advantage of being a member, as opposed to doing business with a big bank, you may be surprised to hear that one of the top answers is that it is less stressful.Since many a credit union can charge lower fees for some of the same services that are offered at big banks, customers get to have more control over more of their money. For instance, depending on whom you bank with, if you were to overdraw your account, you have a risk of the check not being honored. This also often results in the assessment of an overdraft fee and possible limits being placed on your account. Rather than have to deal with the embarrassment and frustration that such a situation can cause, many people have accounts at local financial unions that offer them a revolving line of credit. It is much easy to be approved for this type of service to prevent overdraft fees and offer protection so that customers won’t have to worry about bouncing any checks.If you are ready to make a change and are tired of having your hard earned money taken by the bank, it is time for you to make a move and open an account at a different financial institution. Why bother going back to the same type of structure by choosing another bank? If you make the transition to one of these financial unions, you will see why there is such a high level of satisfaction amongst all of their customers.A credit union will also often have very relaxed membership requirements. This means that as long as you live in a certain area or work at a certain company, then you won’t have any trouble opening an account. Those aren’t the only ways you can gain membership; there are tons of banking alternatives that offer a wide range of options to make joining much easier and less stressful than it is at a bank. If you are finally ready to make that change, then it is time for you to explore your options and find the financial union that works best for you. You will notice an increase in your finances and a smile on your face every time you go in for a financial transaction.

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