Choosing an Airline Miles Credit Card


Credit accounts that offer customers airline benefits in exchange for their patronage are probably the most popular type of specialized credit account available today, and it’s easy to see why. Imagine being able to earn valuable points toward airline travel just by making the same exact purchases you already very likely make on your other cards. In today’s economy, every little bit helps, and consumers everywhere are able to keep travel, vacations, and visits to family who live far away in their plans as a result of some of these benefits. But how do you know if an airline miles credit card is right for you? Can they work for everybody? Can you really benefit from them as profoundly as people are saying you can? To find the answer, you definitely want to take a look at a few very important factors before signing on the dotted line with any particular credit card company because all cards were definitely not created equal.First you want to take a look at the benefits offered in conjunction with a particular credit card program and make sure they’re really benefits you can use. Do you have to spend an exorbitant amount per month or year in order to be able to reap enough benefits for the card to be useful to you? If this is the case, keep looking. The frequent flyer credit card market is quite competitive, so it’s more than likely that if one card doesn’t suit you, another one will. You should also see what other types of benefits beyond airline miles the program you’re considering can offer you. Many programs offer discounts on services from certain establishments or the opportunity to earn double points by spending with others. Shop around for a plan that fits your personal spending habits.Next you want to take care to read the fine print associated with each frequent flyer credit card program, because these will further help determine whether or not a specific one turns out to be a match made in heaven or just another card with no special benefits to you. Do you require the ability to fly at specific times or dates – either for business purposes or perhaps scheduled family gatherings? You might want to avoid cards that apply too many blackout dates to their benefits to make sure you can use them when you need to. Do you want to be able to save your miles for a rainy day and not feel pressured to use them right away? Look for a card with airline points that don’t expire, because some do. As with any major financial decision, making the choice to apply for a frequent flyer credit card is an important one and should be made very carefully. The key to success really is in weighing the pros and cons of individual programs against one another and doing plenty of homework as to what options are available to you before you sign on the dotted line. Examine all aspects of all the programs you’re considering in this way, and it won’t be difficult to ultimately make a wise decision.

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