Citi Platinum Select Credit Card

Citi Platinum Select Credit Card issued by the Citibank is a card that is planned for those of you with good credit. The platinum credit card allows you the purchasing power that you would always cherish. This card has all the standard features which you may covet from your credit card.

The Citi Platinum Select Credit Card has a number of commendable offers. Check them for yourself:  

§         The card offers you an attractive introductory rate of 0% for purchases and balance transfers during the first 12 months

§         The regular APR stands at 10.99%

§         You do not really need to pay for carrying this card in your wallet, as Citi Platinum Select Credit Card has no annual fee.

Auxiliary Features

The Citi Platinum Select Credit Card compliments your expectations with quality service. To know further go through the following:  

§         Online Account – through it you can have free access to your account. You can also receive a preview of your preceding statements along with your unbilled activity and current billing statement. Whenever you feel, you are welcome to make payments to your Citi Platinum account online. The online account manager makes your bill paying more convenient with the platinum card account, to pay all of your expenses each month.

§         Customer Support – No matter where you are or what you are doing, a dedicated customer support follows you to answer your queries. Remember your call will be toll free.

§         Security Cover – Citi Platinum Select Credit Card provides you a wide range of security cover. On the front of the card, your photograph will be placed. You can be confident that no one else can use your card in a retail establishment.

      However, if it still happens that someone manages to get hold of your number or attempts to make charges by phone or online, you need not worry for you are covered with Citibank’s $0 liability policy. You will be protected from any unauthorized charges with your Citi Platinum Select Credit Card and your personal information is protected by Citibank’s total security/privacy policy.

§         You will be receiving up to $1 million in travel accident insurance totally free as an additional perk whenever you purchase tickets for bus, train and plane, using your Citi Platinum Select Card. Your family, i.e., your dependent children and your spouse all enjoy protection under this insurance scheme.

§         Suppose you rent a vehicle for travelingScience Articles, you will receive automatic coverage when you reject the car-rental company’s collision waiver insurance.

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