Comcast Now Claims Greater Convenience and Savings with Bundled Services

Bundled services is the latest trend in telecommunications services and it seems that every service provider is jumping on the band wagon. They are quickly grouping together in collective marketing partnerships that market their services together in combined packages that they call bundled services. The problem is though, that they aren’t true bundled services like Comcast provides, because in the end you are still stuck with separate providers with separate bills that can’t offer you any real savings, because they aren’t marketing individually in volume. Comcast stands apart from the crowd however, in that they actually provide all three services that they offer and they are in partnership with no one. This gives them the distinct advantage of being in a position to offer their customers substantial discounts on their services. For instance, their state of the art digital phone service comes with free unlimited nationwide long distance calling in the U.S., Canada and Alaska. They also give you all of your phone calling features free of charge also and there are twelve of them in total, including caller ID, voice mail and call waiting. Brand new digital technology makes for crystal clear reception and problem free call placing every time that you use your phone. They also have state of the art, broadband high speed internet service now and it renders standard dial up service obsolete. This is because you don’t have to log on with this new internet service and it is one hundreds times faster than dial up service. With this new level of sped at your fingertips you will be able to do so much more in far less time on the net.If you like to shop online then you will be able to instantly click from website to website instantaneously which makes comparison shopping so much easier and faster. For online gamers there is nothing that compares to broadband high speed cable service, because satellites high speed service still has a lag time that is created by the signal traveling to and then from the satellite.This will always give the players with cable high speed an edge over players that are using a satellite service for their high speed internet service. All of Comcast’s internet service customers receive free McAfee anti virus software with free lifetime upgrades as well.For your TV programming needs Comcast is still the leader with a full two-hundred and seventy-five channels of programming for you to select from in a wide variety of programming packages. Comcast also has a broad selection of music programming channels that come free with their programming packages. Because Comcast is a cable service provider they have on demand pay per view and with on demand you get your movie right when you order it.Another benefit with Comcast is that you don’t need any receiving equipment to be mounted on your home and you have a reliable cable connection for your TV programming. Comcast also has a great selection of high definition programming channels for you to chose from that bring you a picture that is six times as precise as standard definition TV programming. AlsoFeature Articles, Comcast is now broadcast entirely in digital format for great clarity in your picture and sound.

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