Consider Paying for Plastic Surgery with an Interest-Free Health Credit Card


If you are about to get plastic surgery, and want to make sure that you can afford it, you should inquire about credit cards just for medical and beauty expenses. Most clinics offer patients at least one such card. If you are thinking of going this route, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. You first need to find out how much the plastic surgery will cost you, with all expenses in the total. Once you have a total bill, you need to let your doctor know that you are interested in the health credit card. He or she should direct you to a staff member, who will sit down with you and determine the credit limit you will need. Once you determine a good number, you should find out how long you will have to pay it off. You typically have anywhere between six months and two years, depending on the total. The more you charge to the card, the longer you should have to pay it off. Make sure you can afford the monthly payments before you decide to apply. If you cannot pay it all off by the due date, you will end up paying interest on the total, making this route more expensive than you planned. Once you know you can afford it, it is time to apply. You will need to fill out a form that includes your contact information, your approximate income, and your job details. You need to have regular income if you expect to be able to pay off the bill, though not all clinics require you to bring in paystubs to prove it. In fact, you can usually get approved the same day you apply. The staff member helping you will then have to call in the application, which may require a credit check, so you should have a decent score to qualify.If you do get approved, you can immediately use the money that is available. This means you can get the plastic surgery as soon as your doctor allows you to. You will likely get your first bill for the first payment about a month after you get the card. Be sure to pay on time every month, however, or you will end up paying interest and late fees. Clearly, this is often the best way to get your procedure done quickly since you do not have to wait long to be approved. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies, and not everyone can commit to monthly payments, so make sure you know how this process will work before you depend on it to pay for your plastic surgery.

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