Crazy Open House Stuff


1) The Tourist: “Oh, we’re from Ohio” and just visiting. We love to visit open houses.2) The Blind- I once had a blind couple at an open house. I wasn’t prepared.3) The Complainer- He had no intention of buying, but loved to piss and moan about how much he didn’t like the house. A huge help and a real mood enhancer, that guy.4) WTF? One buyer brought his dog. Dog partially fell down the spiral staircase. Buyer bought condo anyway. I didn’t see that one coming…5) The Professional Lookers- One more than one occasion, I will see folks 4 years after our first introduction. They are still looking….and looking, and looking.6) OMG- I want it! That is sometimes a sure sign of someone who will never take my calls or return an email. That happens more often that not….7) The Know It All- You can’t tell these people ANYTHING they don’t already think they know. They know the area, the street, the values, comps, etc etc. I once gave one of these buyers my wrong phone number. It worked- never heard from them again..8) Where’s the driveway? One woman from the suburbs once asked me this. She couldn’t understand that a condo could be sold without parking, let alone a driveway.I understand that many open house buyers are “just looking”. I have no problem with that….So if you see me sitting a Philadelphia condo Open House….come on in!

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During the late 1980s, Mark fell in love with the Philadelphia real estate market. The first condo he bought for himself was in Old City. Working with bank foreclosures on multi-unit buildings, Mark began to carve his niche as a condominium specialist. Since that time, Mark has progressed into helping developers turn apartment buildings into condominium buildings. Having been inside countless condos in the Center City real estate area, Mark is intimately familiar with the available properties. Mark prides himself and impresses others of his vast knowledge of what’s trendy and knows which finishes buyers look for when selecting a home…. so much so that he’s been seen on HGTV’s What You Get For The Money, CN-8’s Money Matters and was the 2005 winner of Philadelphia Magazine’s Kitchen of the Year contest.
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