Create a Wedding Savings Account

Trying to figure out where to squeeze extra money out of
your already tight finances to pay for your wedding can be tough. One easy way
to save little by little is to setup a savings account and a direct deposit
from your paycheck on every payday. The percentage you choose to save is up to
you, but whatever the percentage, have it directly deposited from your checking
account (where you deposit your check) into your wedding savings account

Let’s say you save 10% from each paycheck. If you get paid $1,000 per week,
this is $100. If you save for your wedding over a six-month period using this
method, then you’ll have saved $2,400 in no time. If both you and your groom do
this, you’ll save double the amount. Obviously, the more you can save the
faster it will accumulate. If you have a full year or more to save for your
wedding, your savings can add up to almost $10,000 using this calculation with
both of you saving. This is quite a chunk of money to apply toward your

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Kristie Lorette is a freelance writer and marketing
consultant that specializes in the wedding industry. As a former wedding and
event planner, she also offers tips, tricksArticle Search, and advice for planning weddings
on her blog Weddings Diva. You can read Kristie’s blog at
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