Credit card companies: the rewards, promos and services that make the difference

… various extra services, rewards programs and promos that would lure consumers to sign up with their company.

Rewards program

Most credit cards have a some sort of rewards program running. Rewards program in credit cards basically follow one set of principle. The more you spend and the more you see your credit card, the more points you will get. Often, there is a standard equivalent for every amount spent. For instance, one point is given for every, let’s say, 10 dollars purchase.

The points can be accumulated and later exchanged for a product or cash, whichever is being offered. Some banks even send out catalogs where their clients can see just what is being offered in exchange for their points. Some credit card companies even allow for half points-half cash scheme provided that it will be charged to the account.

Rewards program is actually a great and effective way not only to lure customers into the program but also to keep them there. And what is more they are encouraged to use their credit cards as often as possible.

Discounts in establishments

Some credit cards offer discounts when used in partner establishments. Some credit card companies even offer up to 20 percent discount. This discount scheme can be usually found in credit cards that target a specific niche market. For instance, if a credit card company hopes to target the young professionals, they would partner with establishments where these people usually shop or eat at. Partner establishments can range from a measly ten to as many as 50 stores.

Zero interest promos

To lure people to spend, credit card companies often tie up with establishments and offer zero interest for a specific time frame. The client can purchase the item and be able to use it without paying for it immediately. The purchase will reflect in the monthly statement after the zero interest period has ended.

This is often done with items that are very expensive such as tech gadgets, electronic equipments and house furnishings to encourage buyers to purchase item that they do not really need or are not so very necessary to their house. Luxury items such as jewelry are also sometimes covered by this scheme.

Free items

Credit card companies often offer free items when a client decides to sign up with them. Free items vary, depending on the type of account that a client will avail of and also depending on how high the credit limit is as well as the monthly income.

Gold card clients for example will get a much more expensive free item when they sign up while those that have signed up on regular accounts will often get regular items.

Waived service charges

Credit card companies also reward their loyal customers, especially those who have reached a certain amount purchased in a year, by waiving some of the service charges that they incur. For instanceFree Web Content, customers who have good credit history with the credit card company need not pay for the annual fee. The company automatically waives the fee so that the client will stay on with them.

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