Credit Card Consolidation – The Many Roads To It


Suddenly realize that paying the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards is getting you nowhere fast? You are not alone. Many Americans are stuck with this same problem, credit card debt that will not budge an inch, no matter how diligently they make their monthly payments. Most of the time, the payments that are made are in fact the very minimum amount due, and paying only the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards can mean that you will be paying for the balances that you owe right now on your credit cards for ten, twenty, or more years.The painful fact is that you simply cannot get rid of your credit card debt if you pay only the minimum payments because this typically does not even cover the interest charges that your debt has accrued each month. Thankfully, there is a solution to eternal debt: credit card consolidation.Pay Off Those Credit Cards Once And For AllCredit card consolidation involves taking out a credit card consolidation loan that will pay off your credit cards completely, leaving you owing nothing to the card issuers. In turn, you will make a monthly payment to the consolidation company based on the amount that they loaned you in order to pay off your existing credit card debts.This monthly payment, fortunately, is nearly always lower than the amount of your total combined payments that you have been making to your card issuers each month. This can save you money each month that you can use for the needs that you have and for the costs of living, while allowing you to avoid using these high interest credit cards for these purposes.Stop Paying Outrageous Interest NowOne part of credit card consolidation that most cardholders really love is that the interest rate charged on their consolidation loan is very much lower than the interest rates that they were paying for their credit card accounts. Many cardholders end up with a card that once began at zero percent interest to find they are paying 20.99% or more.In fact, just one late payment that arrives just a day or two after the payment due date can cause many credit card companies to adjust your original interest rate to the default rate, which can be ten or more times higher than the original interest rate that was quoted when the card was offered to you. That is on top of stiff penalties and late fees that credit card companies tack on to the balance owed if a payment is a few days late. Credit card debt consolidation can let you say goodbye to these types of scandalous practices and hello to the financial freedom that comes from being debt free.Debt Free In Five YearsAnd because you will not be paying these unscrupulously adjusted credit card interest rates on top of the balances that you owe to your credit card issuers, you will be able to get out of debt faster, because you will be paying less interest and more principle. Credit card debt consolidation can help some borrowers in certain instances become credit card debt free in as little as five years.

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