Credit Card Debt And Senior Citizenship

It is amazing how credit card debt has begun affecting senior citizens. Though the credit card debt that the average senior citizen holds is almost half the debt that the average American carries, it still reaches up to $5000 and has serious consequences on their ability to get finance. Credit score and history suffer the consequences of non manageable credit card debt.

There are many reasons why senior citizens may suffer from credit card debt. It does not take much to adapt to living on credit and spending what you do not have. Though senior citizens where neither used to nor liked paying with plastic money, prices raised and their income is limited and thus credit cards where too tempting. However though credit cards have advantages, they also have drawbacks.

Limited Income, Raising Costs

Most senior citizens live out of a limited income. This implies that every month they count with the exact same money at the beginning of the month with little or no variations. The problem is that this amount is not always enough to cope with all expenses and sometimes unexpected expenses occur that consume it more quickly.

The problem aggravates with inflation and generally with raising costs. If the same products, medicines, rent, services, etc. that the senior citizen purchases every month increase their value, the income will not cover for them anymore and he will either have to resign some of them or use some sort of financial product to purchase them. Credit cards appear as the most common and comfy financial source for this purpose.

Late Fees, Missed Payments

Paying late will generate fees, the same goes to not meeting the minimum payments on your credit card balances. All these are stains that get recorded into senior citizens’ credit reports ruining their ability to get finance. And given that it is already difficult for senior citizens to get finance, just a few stains can really ruin their credit report.

Missing payments and defaulting will definitely impede further financing probably to the point of non recovery. Thus, senior citizens must be very careful with credit card debt and should always keep credit card balances lower than 50% of the credit cad amount limit. Anything above that figure will endanger their ability to repay it if any unexpected expenses surprise them.

Thinking Ahead

The best thing to do is plan ahead before retirement. This is due to the fact that later, obtaining finance is more complicated and everything is more costly due to higher insurance policies, etc. Thus, it is always smart to plan ahead and obtain some rent out of retirement plans.

Also, having a savings account with cash for unexpected expenses always helps not resorting to finance sources that can sometimes be too expensive for you to afford. Given that you are counting on a fixed income, the less you compromise it, the better.

Also, there are many sources of funds for senior citizens with subsidized interest rates that though require some paperworkFeature Articles, are definitely better sources of finance than credit cards that feature interest rates ranging from 12% to 20% APR.

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