Credit Card Debt Settlement: Clear Your Cards And Make Savings


When they are not managed properly, credit cards can be a key contributor to worsening financial situations. But what can be done when the level of debt has already gotten too high? Well, there is a solution, with a credit card debt settlement struck up with the card company.  Of course, clearing existing debts, regardless of what they might be, is never a simple task, but the payoff when it is finally accomplished makes the effort worth it.  Unfortunately, there is nothing strange about cardholders resorting to a settlement program in order to clear their card debt.Through a debt settlement scheme the crippling credit card debt can be dealt with quickly and effectively, and without having to declare bankruptcy. But what are the key issues when considering the scheme to join?The Mechanics of Debt SettlementThe whole concept of debt settlement is that an agreement is made between debtors and their creditors on a reduced sum to pay to clear the debt completely. For example, with a credit card debt settlement, the cardholder and issuing institution agree a 60% rate. So, if $10,000 is owed, paying $6,000 will see the debt gone.It is common for debtors to seek a consolidation loan to pay off their card balances, but this means paying 100% of the debt as well as the interest charged on the loan. When clearing existing debts, this is effective but it is more costly than agreeing a reduced balance. Through a settlement, significant savings can be made.Of course, the key to clearing credit card debt successfully is to secure the biggest reduction possible, and this is where professional debt settlement negotiators prove to be invaluable. While cardholders may feel good to have negotiated terms themselves, and reduced the debt to 60%, a professional could reduce it to 30%.Negotiating the Best ReductionThe first step to take before beginning to negotiate a credit card debt settlement is to halt all payments to the card issuer. It seems a little extreme, but the purpose is to indicate an inability to repay the card, thus helping to establish a strong position once negotiations begin.There will be threats of legal action, of course, but it is more costly to them to begin court proceedings than to simply agree a reduced sum. Convincing the issuer there is little or no chance of receiving repayment in full is a key tactic. Juggling around balances and payments is an important aspect of clearing existing debts.Also, a good debt settlement negotiator will ensure the best possible reductions. They have the skills and knowledge required to see the credit card debt fall to a much more affordable level. What might have been a costly $5,000 could fall to a manageable $2,000.Other ConsiderationsThere are real benefits to enjoy as a result of agreeing a good credit card debt settlement deal. But getting that means taking note of some other considerations. For example, it is necessary to refuse payment for at least 6 months prior to the application.Remember too that the deal requires a single lump sum payment. The carrot for card issuers when they agree a percentage of the overall debt, is that they will get that money immediately. Clearing existing debts usually requires a cash backup, so ensure the necessary funds are available.Also, any agreement to clear credit card debt will go on your credit report, so there will be a consequence felt when seeking a loan in the future. However, unlike bankruptcy, the effect on credit ratings lasts only 2 years, but the compromise is worth it to have the debt off your back.

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