Credit Card Relief – 5 Quick and Easy Things You Can Do to Dig Your Way Out of Debt


1. Pay More Than the Minimum Amount Due – Do you know that the minimum amount due is usually only 2 to 3% of your total amount payable? The bad thing about paying only this sum is that most of it goes towards the interest, not the principal. In other words, you’re not actually paying off what you owe; you are mostly paying off the interest on what you owe. Pay more than the minimum every month; you’ll be surprised how dramatically this decreases your credit card balance. 2. Talk to Your Credit Provider – If you have more than one credit card and have been forced to default on payment on some or even on all of them, call up your creditors and explain your situation. Chances are, they will willingly give you credit card relief by Ï    reducing the total sum due by wiping out all or part of the interest Ï    giving you longer time for repayment. 3. Consolidate Your Debts – Yes, consolidate your debts, if you can. The great thing about debt consolidation is that all your debts are lumped together so that instead of owing five creditors, for example, you only pay off one. Another great thing about this set-up: your consolidated debts come with a lower interest rate.4. Develop Frugal Habits – If you haven’t started penny-pinching yet, do so now. Before you buy anything, ask yourself these questions:Ï    Do you really need it?Ï    Do you really need it now?Ï    Will you be using it right away?5. Draw Up a Budget – Itemize how much you earn and how much you need to put away every month for paying off bills. A budget will show you how to use your cash more efficiently. These are only a few of the things you can do for credit card relief. Remember, if you got yourself into debt, you should also be able to get your way out of it.

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