Credit Card Terminals Play A Pivotal Role In Credit Transactions

Credit card
terminals are the most
crucial thing in order to accept payments for goods or services that your
company or business deals with. The terminals allow merchants to transmit
information on the card of the consumer to the appropriate financial
institution. The beginning of the transaction starts involving the terminals
when a customer chooses to pay through his / her credit cards. The customer
chooses the items he or she wants to buy and move it to the merchant counter
for billing.

While paying through the credit card, the
merchant swipes the card into the card
terminals. This is basically a small device, with a small keyboard for
number inputs with a small screen and magnetic stripe reader. As the card gets
swiped and the amount is entered (the amount which the consumer needs to pay
the merchant for a particular service or products purchased) the amount is
debited from the consumer’s bank account and transferred to the merchant’s
account. The procedure is same, irrespective of the fact, consumer is paying
through debit card or credit card. Almost all the portals accept all the
leading credit and debit cards.

What are the kinds of credit card
accounts that merchants can have?

Basically there are two kinds of credit cards
accounts that a merchant can have. These accounts can be determined based on
the type of the business the merchant is having. The merchant swipes the card
in the card terminal and gets a signature of the consumer in the piece of a
paper to confirm transaction.

For retail businesses, where customers
physically walks into the shop and purchases services or products he / she
needs, have a “swipe” account.

For ecommerce businesses, where consumers
places their orders online as well as make online payments, “keyed” account is
the ideal one. For ecommerce businesses, it is wise to keep multiple payment
methods to offer flexibility to their clients.

The kinds of Credit card terminal

Depending on the type of the business, a
merchant is having, the kinds of card
terminals varies. But
all the card terminals does the same work but in a different

Traditional Terminals are the very basic and
first kind of terminals in the category. These terminals come with a small
display screen, a keyboard for number input and a magnetic stripe reader. These
kinds of terminals are easily noticed in retails stores.

Virtual terminals are most essentially
designed for the ecommerce portals. These card
terminals are quite
costly as compared to traditional ones. Practically they do not have any
physical existence. There is some specific software, which are used to handle
the functionality of these terminals. Software is used to manage transactions
and to look after the authorization. In ecommerce portals, where people order
online or over phone, virtual terminals are used there.

Last but not the least, among the latest
developments in terminals, wireless terminals are the most hyped one. Businesses
that do not have any specific location and are mobileArticle Submission, they can use wireless

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