Credit Card Turndowns: Getting A New Chance!

After taking your time to apply for the credit card you desire, probably after a long period of time comparing different offers, credit limits, rates, reward programs, etc. you got declined right away without much explanation? Do not despair, it is still possible to get approved for the credit card product that you need and want without much sacrifices. But in order to obtain your most wanted credit card, you must prepare yourself and follow this advice carefully to achieve your goal without much delays or hassles.

Find Out Why You Were Declined

Contact the credit card issuer and ask them why you where declined and what kind of requirements you failed to meet. You will need this information to evaluate your possibilities and make the necessary changes to get approved the next time. Though the company may not be required to tell you why you where declined, they are obliged to provide you with the name of the credit bureau from which they obtained your credit report. At least with that information, you will be able to uncover the reasons of your credit card application decline.

Obtain a Copy of Your Credit Report

Get a copy of your credit report from the company that provided the information to the issuer that declined your credit card and also from the rest of the credit bureaus because other credit card companies may request information from different bureaus. You can easily obtain a free copy of your credit report by requesting it by mail to the credit bureaus as legal regulations oblige them to provide you with one at least once a year upon your request. With the copies of your credit report in hand, you need to analyze which negative marks have produced an impact on the credit card issuer’s decision.

After evaluating your credit report you will surely know the reasons for your decline or at least some suspected basis for the decline. Depending on the reasons, you may need to improve your credit and wait before applying. Late payment and missed payments can be compensated with a reasonable period of timely payments on your debt. Other delinquencies are more serious and will not be erased so easy but you can still get approved for a credit card if you accept lower credit limits, slightly higher interest rates and so on.

Insist, But Smartly

Do not give up right away, you can get approved and you should apply again but do it smartly. Start by asking yourself why you applied with that specific card. If you did so because it provided the lowest rate and the most advantageous conditions and reward programs, it will probably have harsher requirements than the rest. Thus, you should try and apply to less known credit card issuers or less demanded products. If your credit score is not that good, do not apply for that gold credit card with the mileage reward program. Instead, try that regular card with a cash back program or gas reward program. In any case, you should not give up and take your time to try again. Remember that too many applications within a short period of time will damage your credit. ThereforeFind Article, do it calmly and consciously.  

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