Crucial Steps to Take After Setting Your Goals


Many people don’t know what they should do after setting their goals. What I mean here is what you should be doing immediately after setting your goals. I know that taking actions is a must, but there are also other important factors that are going to affect you in achieving your goals. The first thing you should do right away after setting your goals is that you must create your momentum. This is to keep you motivated and always stay in your route. So how can you create your momentum? Very simple and easy. All you need to do is just to take some small steps toward your goals. For example, if you set your goal is to buy a car in one year. Then what you can do to create your momentum is that you can search for information about your dream car on the net, or even better, you can straight away go to your local car dealer and have a test drive. Take all the brochures and stick your car poster anywhere you can see it every day. You should do this within 48 hours after you’ve set your goals. This is to make sure that your hot button is turn on and always get you motivated. Many people only set their goals, and they forget about them few days later. I don’t want this to happen to you. Therefore, remember to create your momentum after you’ve set your goals. It is a must!After you’ve set you goals and you’ve also created the momentum to keep you going, but still you are not achieving it, because you just procrastinate. Thus, what you can do to overcome your procrastination? Please take note, 80% of people fail to achieve what they want in their life is mainly due to procrastination. Meaning that people know exactly what they should be doing in order to achieve their goals, but they just procrastinate and they do not take actions.Don’t worry; I have a great strategy to help you overcome procrastination. Again, it is a very simple and easy method, just which people don’t notice about it. So what you can do to overcome procrastination is that you can make a public commitment of your goals! Well, once you announce your goals to the public, you are leaving with no way out but to make your goals come true. Why am I saying this, because if you make your goals public, everyone will know about your goals. And this is the thing, most of your friends will laugh at your goals, maybe some even you tease you with your goals like “Hey, long time no see, did you achieve your Millionaire dreams?”This is what we want, we want to use the power of your surrounding, and inspired you toward your goals. Some friends will make you NEVER forget your goals. Maybe you will feel shameful if you fail to achieve your goals, but will it matter? No, because you’ve set your goals, you’ve taken actions and you will definitely come to a higher level. Hence, even if you did not achieve your goals, you will still achieve something and you will learn a lot from it. Just like if you want to make a million dollar from the net, even if you did not achieve this goal, you will still learn a lot from it. Maybe you’ve made a thousand dollar from the net, which is a good lesson. If you follow my advice here, I believe that you can achieve your goals much more easily. There are a lot of factors that determine your success, but these are considered the basics. I hope this will motivate and inspire you, see you at top!

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