Currency Trading Without A Clear Strategy Is The Road To Financial Ruin


Is you are just starting out in Forex trading then you may well have been lured into the exciting world of currency trading by one of the hundreds of websites that will tell you that for a very low initial investment you can enjoy high returns in a low or risk free market. Unfortunately, like most things in life, it is not quite as easy as these websites would have you believe and Forex trading, while not as complicated as many other forms of trading, is still a reasonably complicated business.Many novice traders are tempted to open an account, which is a very easy process these days, and to simply dive head first into trading and, in so doing, they make two basic mistakes. Their first mistake is to begin trading without any clear strategy and their second mistakes is to move one trade to the next being driven on purely by emotion.In many cases a novice trader will buy a currency pair in the certain belief (based upon nothing but a hunch) that it offers the opportunity for an easy profit and is tempted to buy quickly before the opportunity is lost. Shortly after opening the trade however the market will move in what the novice trader perceives as being the wrong direction and he will panic and close the trade taking a loss. However, he will then continue to watch the market for reassurance that his decision to get out was a wise one and to comfort himself with the knowledge that things could have been worse and his loss far greater. Now sometimes this is exactly what happens but, very often, he will simply watch the market reverse and his currency pair climb quickly into a position which would have made him a nice profit if only he had not panicked.There are many different groups involved in Forex trading today including governments, banks, investment funds, corporation and of course individual private traders. Leaving the individual traders on one side for a moment, the other players in the market all have very specific objectives for their trading and, most importantly, they also have a very clearly defined set of guidelines and rules for their trading, not least because they will be held accountable for their trading decisions. This means that, for the larger players, trading is an extremely disciplined business and this to a very large degree explains why these large players are so successful.For the private trader there is of course no accountability issue and so no specific requirement to adopt a trading strategy or to follow a set of trading rules. However, if you wish to succeed in currency trading then there is no doubt that this is one area in which you need to follow the example of the larger players.Success in the longer term will never come from trading based upon a hunch or on emotion, but will only come from a sound knowledge of the workings of the market combined with a clear trading strategy.

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