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Many people prefer a day spa to a destination spa because of the convenience of short term services and treatments that just take about an hour or so to finish. Compared to the destination spas that often require the person or party to stay for a day or two to fully take advantage of the establishment, these types of places offer a range of services that are usually centered on massages, facials and other treatments that can be done in less than a half a day.Massages and Body TreatmentsThere are a lot of different massages that can affect the body in the way that the individual wants. Some can actually recharge a person’s exhausted body and invigorate the spirit while others calm and ease the individual to the point that he or she falls asleep. In a day spa, relaxation and energizing can be achieved in just a little over an hour. The effect can be dependent on what accompanying oils are used as well as the techniques used by the people who handle the clients. Some body treatments can be considered as massages by many but these also serve a different purpose. Many of these are aimed at improving the client’s skin. These can consist of body wraps, exfoliating rubs and many others. Different mediums are used to implement the improvement and some include salt, coffee grounds, sea weed and many others. These are usually left on the skin for some time and the individual may even experience being wrapped in plastic with the medium left on the skin for better absorption. Pedicures, manicures and foot spas are often included in the services given in day spa. Facials and Skin ExfoliationBoth men and women go to a day spa to have facials several times in a year. Facials have different purposes but they usually improve the appearance of a person’s skin. For many establishments of this genre, skin improvement does not stop in the face. Skin areas that are often exposed to the general public are usually included in the exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing treatments. Machines that help to implement the exfoliation and dermabrasion of the skin are used for better efficacy. Waxing and hair removal are two other services that might be offered in spas that cater to those who are short with time. The treatment can be broken down into short sessions to fit into the person’s schedule. 

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