Dealing With Spam

I do not have an account at Citibank , neither am I an American citizen however I keep getting emails asking me to check my account details at Citibank as they are going through some restructuring. I even received one that said that a check had been returned and that I should check my account online by following a link to make sure all is well.

Another date in question I received one that said that I had won a free DVD player and for me to collect the prize I just had to send my details of address and so on. Wow the internet has spurned a new era of con artists. There are those who are trying their best to get your info especially your credit card number while others use it to control your surfing habits with all these viruses that force your browser software to surf to one URL no matter how hard you try to avoid it. (Porn sites are notorious for that!)

One has to be very careful when one opens his or email these days as more often than not you inbox is flooded with all kinds of filth. Persons get your email address even though you have never surfed to their website. How do they get you email address. Robots that is how, these little programmes surf the net trapping email addresses from webpages, your own mail and forwards. These are stored by companies which sell these lists out for cash. Yes surprising that [email protected] is a hot item. You have no control over it you just have to live with it.

Another trick of the spammers is those “unsubscribe lists” oh these are just another way of you volunteering your email address they do stop sending you one mail and start sending you another. So no more viagra, now they offer you cialis. lol

So what can you do. Block them I say. Just block them out using the tools provided by your email programmeBusiness Management Articles, ISP or email service provider. Then get yourself a good spam programme. There are some good ones out there. Also report the abuse especially if come s from a well known domain such as yahoo or google.

Help keep spammers at bay. They must be stopped!

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