Defining the key to small business app development


The way a mobile app should be implemented is a matter of business perspective, but here are few things worth considering when starting off with your mobile app development:Stand out on Idea: The core to a business app is value. For all the time spent conceiving an out of the world concept, it won’t be worth much if it doesn’t bring in some value addition. Start off looking at what your app could mean to be in terms of business edge and build along those lines.Most successful business apps are an operational tool, a management catalyst, an engagement instrument, or something adding to the overall business value. A classic example is Invoice2go. Like lot of winner business apps, Invoice2go is a simple concept well-executed. With over a million downloads, it is one of the top 10 business apps on the Apple Store. The app delivers the convenience of creating and sending across invoices real-time on the go. Interestingly, the germ of the app came about on a train which got realized later on from a garage.Focus on the essentials: Most small business apps do not need to pack in a whole lot of functionality other than what is needed to serve the core purpose in a real and meaningful way. Budget is a big leverage in small business app development and companies can benefit big time by sticking to the essentials. For example, instead of playing out videos for every rental on offer, a local realtor can instead focus on listing down the property details like area, location, etc complemented on top by a few pics.Complement your brand: Since your mobile app is supposed to talk about your business, it should be built in a way that reinforces existing brand identity. The look and feel for example must reflect closely other business channels such as the website or social media pages. A close resemblance in design, layout, content, videos and other aspects would go a long way in complementing your brand and building a focused audience.Development Efficiency: Some app stores, Apple in particular is known to be rather stringy when it comes to approval process. You can’t be certain most of the time about how long it will take before your app finally gets the nod. This is where an experienced developer can step in to weigh alternate distribution channels. For example, your developer may explore sending out QR codes to your web mobile app which would allow direct app access bypassing the long-drawn app store distribution cycles.Finally, it all comes down to development leverage, which is what SDI brings to the table. Our mobile app developers draw on the experience of having explored various development scales. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows 8 app, we develop solutions that define the best of each platform. Join us to find out more on how to leverage the best out of mobile apps. Visit or email [email protected] for more.

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Join us to find out more on how to leverage the best out of mobile apps. Visit or email [email protected] for more.
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