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Credit card processing can be defined as method of processing of credit cards by various companies and service providers to deduct money from the account of the user for the services availed. Credit cards are considered as a safe mode of payment. Many companies in today’s world accept payment from various clients and customers via credit cards whereas there are many businesses which are still content with the other payment methods like cash, checques, etc. But it has been researched and published widely that the credit card acceptance as a method of payment by a business has a huge boost on the business. It ultimately increases the sales and profits. There are many companies or service providers to choose from. But always pick up that card processing company which offers you the best solution that is not partially but completely aligned to your business requirements and goals. Any mistake in selecting the right service provider can have an adverse effect on your business.Always bear in mind that the reliable credit and debit card processing company has clear terms and conditions, offers excellent value-added services and security, and a 24×7 customer care setup. But before you select the credit card processing service provider you should be aware of your business requirements and in particular what mode of credit card payment solutions is best for your business.The section below explains few modes and solutions available for card processing and what features are available to make credit card processing secure and safe. Virtual payment processing terminals: These payment terminals enable you to accept card payments for orders received by mail or phone (MOTO) from anywhere with Internet access. The key benefits to this solution is the quick and simple set up, acceptance of payment by either phone or mail, charging the customer in local currency and no hassle to change the solution if you switch bank or acquirer.Credit Card payment Terminals: In a traditional retail environment,the merchant will swipe the customer’s card through the terminal or key-in payment information and the terminal does the rest. These so called Point of Sale Terminals are the preferred way of processing credit cards and debit cards which are used in “face-to-face” transactions. Hosted payment interface: These solutions are web hosted payment processing interfaces that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with your own front-end system. These solutions can be used with unlimited merchant numbers and can process simultaneous transactions.Online card processing: These solutions help to accept the card payments online with full support for ‘cardholder not present’ security measures. PC-EFT is an example of ‘cardholder present’, PC-to-host enterprise payment processing solution that can be interfaced with a merchant’s system. System integration can be achieved using our simple API and with full development support. As a system interface this solution can also process ‘cardholder not present’ related data. The main features of this system includes multi channel processing, multi merchant, multi currency, multi acquirer, acceptance of all major credit card schemes, real time or batch authorisation, dynamic currency conversion, chip and pin, transaction search facility and even end of day reporting to give you the better grasp of your business information.Along with the solutions available for your business, you need to be sure about the security of transactions. The few safety verifications checks that can be used are CVV2, AVS. CVV2 is an abbreviation for Cardholder Verification Value 2 which is a 3 or 4 digit value printed only on the payment card and used therefore to verify that a cardholder has the card in their physical possession, giving a merchant protection against fraud. And AVS abbreviated for Address Verification System enables a merchant to request address information when taking the card details and send it to an acquirer for checking.The other security protocol that can be added is 3-D secure payment authentication which was developed by Visa in order to improve security of payments on internet. In the end you as a business should always look out for the best possible credit card processing company which gives you the best solution understanding your business.

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