Do Open Marriages Work? The Truth About Making (Open) Marriages Work


If life were what some people deem as perfect we’d all have two-story houses, a white-picket fence, 2.5 children, and a golden retriever named Max who would play fetch on our crisp, green lawns. The problem with this is that it is boring. As human beings, each of us likes different things and we are comfortable in various settings. Every aspect of our lives is built on our values, and marriage is no different. Depending on what makes you happy, you may find yourself wondering: do open marriages work?Before You Make The ChoiceWhen two people decide to share their lives there is always a sort of struggle to acclimate single living and married living. This can be even more difficult with an open marriage. That is why deciding whether or not to go through with any marital decisions should not be taken lightly.Marriage is an institution built on two separate people. That being said, the key to any kind of marriage is communication. If you are interested in this kind of marriage, you will have to be open and honest with your partner. Talk about it, frequently and honestly. Consider your own insecurities and those of your spouse. Will such a relationship hurt either one of you emotionally?It is also important to lay down any ground rules for how open your relationship will be. If you or your spouse is uncomfortable with anything at all, it is important to reach an understanding about said issues. When you decide to do anything outside of the norm, it is important to draw lines so that no one is surprised later with any hurt feelings.After The Decision is MadeOnce you and your partner are in an open relationship, do not forget to keep up with one another. We already know that communication is imperative in any relationship, but it is also important not to neglect your needs as a couple. Remember there is more than the simple sexual aspect. Emotional and mental supports are important as well.It is also important to check-up frequently. Make sure your partner is still comfortable whenever possible. In addition, make sure you are not uncomfortable at any point as well. Honesty with your partner begins with honesty with yourself.Ultimately, when it comes to open marriages, they are a lot like closed marriages. It takes time, effort, trust, and communication for it to work out. Of all the advice, you may find on whether a relationship like this can work, the most important will probably be to do what feels right for your marriage.

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