Dog Safety

Summer is coming and more and more people are putting the tops down on their convertibles, letting their dogs get fresh air out of an open automobile window, or letting the dear dog ride in the back of an open pickup truck.

This seems like a great idea and dogs do love the wind in their fur; but! It can be a very dangerous thing to allow your dog to do.

Cigarettes thrown out of windows, rocks falling from construction trucks, stones being kicked up by cars and blowing sand can all be very harmful to your dogs well being. Your poor pup can land at the vet due to sand or rocks in the eye, or debris in their nose.

Dogs in open pick up trucks seldom jump out but could be thrown from a vehicle if it turned suddenly to miss something in the road or if the brakes were to be jammed on quickly. If left in the vehicle when parked, passersby could antagonize your dog and provoke him/her to be nasty or to jump out of the vehicle.

Next time you are inclined to let your dog hang out of a window or ride loose in the truck, please think twice. Take your dog to the park to play if s/he needs fresh air!

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