Dropship Mysteries: What Is A PayPal Verified Account?


To make doing business online quick and easy, there is a system where anyone can send or receive payments to other individuals or businesses: PayPal®.  PayPal, Inc.is a payment system owned by eBay, the largest online auction site.  PayPal enables eBay sellers to receive payments from auction winners, but also sends and receives payments worldwide between consumers and merchants.Why become verified on PayPal?Wouldn’t you like to do business with other merchants without delay?  Wouldn’t you like to be assured that the payments received will go through without problems?  Before shipping an item to a buyer, wouldn’t you like to know their address is deliverable?  PayPal’s verification system enables buyers and sellers to interact online quickly without the worry of either party being ripped off.Therefore, for every individual or business that holds a PayPal account, PayPal encourages each to become verified.    Being a verified account holder means that you have passed PayPal’s basic security checks and can be trusted to buy or sell without question among other benefits:  •Your daily sending and withdrawing limits of funds are increased•Merchants with the gold PayPal seal are likely to attract more customers than those without it.  Customers know they’re buying from a reputable seller.•You can easily sell goods in other marketsStill, there are a great number of normal vendor accounts currently active.  These account holders either never bothered to become verified or refuse to go through the process.  Perhaps, they just don’t realize there are benefits to being verified.  Others may lack a credit card or phone service.How to become verifiedBecoming verified is easy and just takes a few minutes of your time.  First, you must confirm your identity.  This entails providing PayPal one credit card account number of a card in good standing.   Your card will not be charged unless you choose to pay your seller fees with it.  Also, you’ll need to verify your telephone number.  You will receive a phone call with a confirmation code to verify your eBay identity.PayPal needs to know how you plan to pay your seller fees.  Regardless of method chosen, all seller fees are paid with a one-time monthly charge through:•PayPal•Credit card •Debit card•Cheque (authorized to businesses only)There are really no costs in becoming PayPal verified.  Your account information is encrypted through SSL security and their privacy policy.  What about dropshippers and resellers?Before a dropshipper – reseller relationship can be created, both would like to know that either is PayPal verified.  This way, either can party can be assured that the other is legitimate and that the reseller can send a large payment to the dropshipper when doing business in great volume.   Resellers would like to know their customers payments will clear before placing orders with the dropshipper.To all readers, if you are selling on eBay, by all means become PayPal verified.  Those who are not are likely to be turned away by customers.

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