Dynamics GP eCommerce Custom Integration Notes

However, and this might be why you are reading this small
publication, your ecommerce web application is working and you have to program
integration connectors to Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control
and Receivable Management modules.  Let’s
come through the options:


1.       eConnect
programming.  GP is hosted in Microsoft
Windows Server 2003, 2008 or earlier, so you can always program eConnect via MS
Visual Studio.  GP eConnect is Software
Development Kit with libraries, that you can deploy in your integration C#, VB
programming project.  It has sample
codes, so that should be all you need. 
Some familiarity with XML and Dynamics GP objects could be recommended:
SOP Invoice, Customer, Inventory Item, etc.


2.       Dynamics
GP Integration Manager.  For GP version
10.0 we see a lot of integration bases are now rewritten in eConnect as general
observation, however IM is end user friendly (to some extent of this term of
course) tool.  If you are OK with
integration, initiated by IM user or with scheduled integration (via Windows
Macro utilities from small software development vendors, etc.), then you may
decide to implement Integration Manager solution and close the question


3.       Order
Connector.  This product allows you to
deploy ecommerce integration in the case, when you do not want to come through
eConnect programming learning curve, or you are on older GP version: 8.0, 7.5,
7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, or you believe that eConnect performance is not too cool
for real time integrations.  This product
is set of SQL Stored Procedures with simple set of parameters to make your live
as SQL programmer easier


4.       Posting
Server or Autopost.  If you have
requirements to post SOP Documents all the way through General Ledger, you
probably already realized that both eConnect and Integration Manager do not
allow you to Post, they do not have the functionality and methods to post.  And this is natural restriction of original
Great Plains Dynamics architecture, where transaction and batch approval and
posting are coupled together and left in the hands of GP user.  Posting Server deploys one user license and
is add-on to existing Dynamics GP workstation. 
It checks GP server if new batches are approved for being posted every
few seconds and initiates Great Plains Batch Posting process if new batch is
ready for processing


5.       Dynamics
GP Business Portal.  Here you can deploy
ecommerce in B2B scenarios.  Order
Management module in BP is natural base for such a project.  Current version of Business Portal is 10.0 (looks
like MBS synched it with Dynamics GP versioning)  Please, note that older Great Plains
ecommerce extensions, such as eOrder (ASP platform)are no longer available and
you will have to migrate such solutions to Dynamics GP Business Portal, which
is now Microsoft Sharepoint application. 
In Dynamics GP Order Management module you can deploy Items Catalogue
and Price List, reflecting original Dynamics GP Inventory Price Lists


6.       Dynamics
GP Dexterity ecommerce programming. 
Dexterity is former Great Plains Dynamics architecture and it is still
one of the fundamental stones in Dynamics GP platform.  In Dex you have unlimited power over Dynamics
GP objects, including posted transactions, in fact Autopost is Dexterity custom
application, which is programmed with Great Plains Dexterity Source Code access.  You should consider Dexterity customization
route if your ecommerce integration requirements are really challenging and you
need access to the objects, coded in Dexterity add-ons (Dynamics GP ISV or your
former in-house Dexterity customizations)


7.       Sorry
for being laconic, but it is the restriction of the article genre.  How to get additional info and help?  Please, feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577Health Fitness Articles,
[email protected]

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