Dynamics GP Simple eCommerce Integration and Implementation

Quasi real time integration means that shopping carts are moved to your accounting application every half an hour (or even every five minutes, if you would like to call integration in such a short time interval, assuming that you have a transaction every few minutes).  There are several ecommerce add-ons for Dynamics GP, we are also offering ecommerce module, extending Great Plains Sales Order Processing and Inventory Control, however we believe that you should be happy as the end user of Dynamics GP and GP customer, implementing very simple ecommerce to SOP integration via Integration Manager.  IM allows you to cross DB platforms and call ODBC compliant source records from such databases as Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL/PHP/Linux, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, XML, Excel, Pervasive SQL, Ctree, various text files (CSV, tab delimited or custom character delimited), but not limited to the ones listed above.  Let’s review the paragraphs, describing how IM could solve your integration needs:

1. Integration Manager, this tool is very traditional to Great Plains Dynamics and with the introduction to eConnect technology (reprogramming Great Plains Dexterity code in encrypted SQL Stored Procedures with various software development libraries, opening eConnect methods for MS Visual Studio programming, for example).  IM doesn’t intervene into MS C# or VB.Net Visual Studio programming (instead it only restricts you to such a bit obsolete technologies as VBA event driven scripting).  But, instead Integration Manager offers eConnect connectors to enable high integration performance (breaking through formerly known IM restrictions on the number of transactions to be imported).  With Integration Manager you can enjoy such advanced integrations as having Counterpoint POS custom accounting export to be integrated as SOP POS transactions with Credit Card, Cash, Check and Debit Card deposits (to give you the flexibility level example)

2. Scheduling IM Integration.  There is scheduling module, available directly from Microsoft Business Solutions, however we expect high level of programming talent in your IT department, and probably your IT folks could find and deploy freeware Microsoft Windows Macro software to call Integration Manager Integration every twenty minutes or so

3. Do I have to implement real time ecommerce shopping cart integration to Dynamics GP?  We believe that the majority of the ecommerce merchants are deploying such industry standard shopping carts, as Magento, ASP.Net Storefront, where such functions as Customer pricelist, Sales campaigns are already automated?  This is exactly the reason why we are recommending Integration Manager, where you in simple words sending ecommerce shopping cart directly to SOP Invoice or Sales Order.  Real Time shopping cart integration is the mechanism, allowing you to propagate Sales transactions in the matter of seconds – this is definitely something looking as a great plus, but is it really required?

4. Real Time ecommerce Shopping Cart integration – eConnect.  Theoretically eConnect is better and more advanced, but it requires C# or VB.Net programming in MS Visual Studio to deploy in real time integration mode

5. Now to the SAP Business One customers.  We already published several articles on the analogues – SAP B1 Data Transformation Workbench (similar to Dynamics GP Integration Manager).  SB1 SDK is in ecommerce integration options pretty similar to Dynamics GP eConnect – you can deploy SAP Business One SDK libraries in Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB.Net project to program real time shopping cart export into Sales Order or Invoice

6. To request further support, please call us 1-866-528-0577, [email protected] We need to discuss your cards in order to recommend you the best solutions, which is not contingent to our preferences.  We serve you USA/Canada nationwide via remote support (web sessions and phone/skype conferences).  Local service is available in Western Michigan, Chicagoland, Southern California (LA, Orange County, San Diego)Psychology Articles, Houston area of the state of Texas

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