E-Business Can’t Ignore Merchant Services Boost

A combination of recent e-retailing studies and consumer Web spending habits are making a strong case for anyone doing business on the internet to make sure that credit card online processing is a large part of their business plan.

According to those studies there are three recent defining events that would support the notion that anyone doing business on the internet should process plastic.

First, in the final two months of 2007 more than $25 billion worth of goods and services were purchased over the internet using credit/debit cards.

Second, more than 80 percent of everything purchased over the Web is purchased with a credit/debit card.

Third, consumer buying patterns are showing a shift. More and more everyday items are being bought over the Web, which will push current spending levels for e-stores to projected all-time highs.

The net result of all three means that there is a brighter future for e-retailers that have merchant account services than every before. And it also begs the question for those that still are not prepared to accept credit cards – why not?

Some say it is too complicated but competition among card companies has resulted in a streamlined process of application that takes approximately 15 minutes. And the information requested all concerns things any e-business person would have ready access to.

Some worry over the cost, and there are some fees associated with merchant accounts, but the smart business person that spends some time doing research can find a cost-effective deal. Plus, with the extra sales and profits that card acceptance generates for most site, the cost of those fees is more than paid for. And in business there are times where you do have to spend money to make money, but when you spend wisely the profits are so much better.

Another word about fees – when you’re looking at merchant services providers pass on any company that tacks on junks fees to the process. Some will try and charge for application submission, technical support and software – among other items – while the established companies don’t. That means you “save” immediately.

The final hurdle any e-merchant may have about adding card services is making a selection from the hundreds of companies out there, but even this does not have to be difficult or complicated.

Any company that is legitimate will offer a deep list of references that you can call to ask about fees, customer service, tech support and other related issues. Plus, those people will also share anything they haven’t been happy with, or at least talk about things/services that could be handled better.

The net result of all of this is that e-commerce people need to give their customers the ability to shop using their credit cards. They want the speed, convenienceArticle Submission, safety and security that go with card use. And you want the uptick in profits and repeat visits that card services are known for generating.

So now – is there any possible reason that your e-business should not be processing plastic?

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