E-Commerce Module for Microsoft Dynamics GP Introduction


This publication is introduction for ecommerce solution from Alba Spectrum:1. eCommerce installation wizard.  In order to simplify implementation and maintenance we suggested approach of several steps via wizard: specify GP company, inventory site, ecommerce SOP Order Type, Inventory template item, walk-in ecommerce customer ID (in Great Plains Receivable Management module) and several others.  You also have to specify ecommerce shopping cart type (several major shopping cart vendors are covered, plus we plan to have you add your own scripts for custom shopping cart, if it is not covered in our core logic).  We expect ecommerce installation to take about one hour, assuming that you are deploying standard functionality and no customization required2. Shopping Cart image in Dynamics GP.  Shopping cart is integrated as Sales Order or Sales Invoice, where you may decide to do either automatic item allocation or manual.  The second one is for the situations, where you would like order execution control: warehouse management picking and packing (with barcode automation), or production bill of materials3. eCommerce payments.  We assume that your shopping cart has integrated credit card processing, so shopping cart payment goes to GP as Customer Deposit against Sales Order or Invoice4. eCommerce and Supply Chain Management.  We also allow you the option to combine ecommerce module with WMS (Warehouse Management System) and we would like to demo you how to execute ecommerce order via WMS Purchase Receipt and Sales Order Fulfillment5. eCommerce catalogs and pricing.  These objects are managed directly in your external Shopping Cart module and our integration just pulls them and pushes into SOP Invoice or Order, including Prices, Sales Taxes (or VAT for overseas companies).  We assume that you are happy with tax calculation on your shopping cart level (if not – we can help you with light customization from GP site, where taxes are handled in precise Sales Tax ISV Partners modules as Avalara)6. Targeted clientele.  If your ecommerce business processes are very complex, assuming that you are large retailer or wholesaler (B2B or B2C) – you may decide to build your ecommerce in-house or customize existing ecommerce module, where we are ready and happy to help.  The module should work out-of-the-box for small and even often mid-size retailers7. Internationalization.  As we work with existing shopping cart application and the module works as integration with Dynamics GP, if your GP is translated into French, Spanish, Arabic or another international language, the integration should work.  Some tuning might be needed, if you utilize custom localization solution, which alter Sales Transaction Screen8. Please, give us a call 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us [email protected]

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Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum http://www.albaspectrum.com [email protected] 1-866-528-0577.  We serve Microsoft Dynamics GP since 1995 with specialization in eCommerce, Barcoding, Logistics, Warehouse Management.  Local service in Chicago, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, CA.  We also support ecommerce and WMS customers USA, Canada nationwide and internationally
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