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Ecommerce has become a very real source of revenue for thousands of people out there. Though there are the huge vendors such as Amazon and EBay, there are a lot of smaller sites that are operated by a smaller crew of people and often focus on only a particular category of products. If you are running on such site, or are even involved in one, then an Ecommerce Theme can go a long way in helping you achieve that monthly or yearly sales target. Your Ecommerce site is basically an online store. If you owned an actual store, chances are, you’d spend thousands of dollars working on the interior and the overall look of a store. That’s because it’s an accepted fact that the environment someone is buying something in goes a long way in influencing the buying decision. So why should an online store be any different? If your website is cluttered, doesn’t have a uniform look, and is tacky, then your customers will be put off and will go elsewhere with their business.However, do not despair. There are thousands of free Ecommerce templates that you can apply to your site, thus resulting in a polished look. These free Ecommerce themes can be a life saver if you have no knowledge of web programming, as they are usually easy to install and use. You can find these easily with a quick Google search. However, if you’re serious about your electronic business, then you probably want a theme that is so polished that it gets your customers coming back. In this case, it makes sense to spend a little money on a theme designed by experts. Several sites online have professionally designed themes that are available at very reasonable prices. Generally, most Ecommerce websites are not written by a programmer from scratch. They are based on one of many available engines, such as Magento or OSCommerce. Both are great platforms with their own set of benefits. You need to ask the web developer who helped design your site about which engine he based your site on. Once that’s done, you can head down to the site of your choice and choose the relevant section. You’ll be provided with a wide variety of themes, and can choose any you feel suits your site. Some quick pointers on picking a theme; make sure it is compatible with your website. Broken links and unwieldy borders can look really bad, and are usually the result of an incompatible theme. Keep it simple, light colours usually work best. Avoid flashing banners, flash ads, and so on. Don’t pick a theme with too many colours too. They can make your site look cluttered. Once you’ve chosen a theme and paid for it, installation is a breeze. It’s important to pick a theme that works well with your site you like, and using platforms such as Magento and OSCommerce, this becomes a task you can accomplish with little effort. So, it’s now a simple procedure to convert your site from its present state to something that’s as polished as all the big names out there today.

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