Ecommerce to Dynamics GP Real Time Integration: Order Connector


We are writing for IT managers or even accounting professionals, who are decision makers in Corporate ERP application selection and its integration with eCommerce production website:1. Real Time versus Batch and Quasi real time integration modes.  Real time means instant ecommerce shopping cart transformation to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing Invoice (or Sales Order) – Dynamics GP SOP module is one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce transactions integration.  Batch processing or quasi real time typically when you either schedule Great Plains Integration Manager to run integration every hour or integration be initiated by Great Plains user.  Real Time ecommerce to Microsoft Dynamics GP integration is typically programmed in eConnect SDK or in advanced scenarios you can deploy custom preprogrammed SQL Stored Procedures2. eConnect Dynamics GP SDK.  eConnect lower technology level is set of encrypted SQL Server Stored procedures, imitating Microsoft Dynamics GP (Dexterity) business logic.  eConnect libraries could be included in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net project (typically C# or VB, as eConnect sample codes are available these two programming languages).  eConnect is definitely faster, as it is coded in Stored Procedures, especially comparing to Dexterity.  However, considering the complexity of business logic, that eConnect has to imitate, it might be slower to simplified SQL Stored procedures, which are powerful enough to integrate several types of ecommerce shopping carts into SOP invoices – this is the case of Alba Spectrum Order Connector3. Order Connector.  Let’s assume that your ecommerce shopping cart targets Great Plains Sales Order Processing Invoices, and you are not using such complications as Serial or Lot Numbers, multicurrency, back ordering, etc.  Let’s assume that you ecommerce items are services or normal taxable sales items, available in your default inventory sites.  Please, check with us on restrictions, and if they (the restrictions) are not a concern, we are happy to offer extremely quick ecommerce to Microsoft Dynamics GP real time integration product4. Order Connector and Great Plains versions.  We have our connector, starting from Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise version 6.0 for Microsoft SQL Server (sorry, it is not available for Pervasive SQL or Ctree based Great Plains Select versions).  If you are Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 or 9.0 you can deploy eConnect for ecommerce integration, however if you are on legacy versions: 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.0 – we recommend you to upgrade to more recent versions, or if this is not possible due to budget restrictions, we invite you to try our Order Connector for ecommerce integration programming5. eCommerce Automatic Batch Posting in Dynamics GP.  Both tools: GP Integration Manager and eConnect do not allow you to post batches, as this routine is supposed to be in the hands of Microsoft Dynamics GP user to review, approve and post the batch.  If you definitely need to do all the work directly from ecommerce web application, we recommend you to purchase and deploy Alba Spectrum Posting Server, also known as Autopost.  Posting Server is Microsoft Dexterity Source Code Dexterity programmed application, which requires you to dedicate GP workstation and one permanently logged in Great Plains user.  Dynamics GP batch posting is done in exactly the same fashion as Great Plains Dexterity Dynamics GP user interface initiated batch posting

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