Employer’s Registration on Jobma for Recruitment Solutions

Making the website easy to use has been one of the primary design philosophies behind Jobma. And from registration to usage that design idea runs through every aspect of Jobma. Jobma believes in making things simple and easy for you so you instead of spending time learning how to use Jobma you spend time actually using it.

Registering yourself on Jobma is incredibly easy. Once you open up the website then all you have to do is to navigate to the employers section and you should see the option to create an account for your organisation. On the following page, fill up the fields and you account is almost good to go. Immediately afterwards you will get a confirmation email letting you knows that your account is activated.

After you receive the confirmation mail, you can start using Jobma immediately. Setting an account up for yourself on Jobma is fast and easy and once you log in to your account you will find Jobma’s interface simple to navigate and use as well. All items inside your user dashboard are self explanatory and simple to understand. We didn’t want Jobma to be yet another software that you had to learn so instead it simple and intuitive and you can start using it very quickly.

Once you have signed in to your account you can select a subscription model that suits your needs. But if you find that the preset subscriptions don’t fit your requirements then you can contact Jobma Support to request a customized subscription that might suit your needs better. If you received any promotional coupons you can also apply them when you are signing up for a subscription.

If you need to create sub accounts then you can do that from your user control panel. Jobma understands that it’s not always one person in an organisation that handles all the hiring and interviewing processes. So you have the option of creating sub accounts for other people in your organisation and they can start using Jobma immediately. And any sub accounts you create also have the ability to co-ordinate with each other.

Lastly, you will find the option of changing your password inside your account after signing in. You should also consider creating a profile (along with a video) for your Organisation that employees can see before they apply for a job with you. That information can always be changed later as well if things change with your organisation or you make a mistake.

If however, things do go wrong somewhere when you are using Jobma or if you have problems trying to accomplish some task within JobmaComputer Technology Articles, we offer world class support to take care of any issues you run into. You can either call the toll free number or write an email and a Jobma support executive will then personally ensure that your issue gets resolved in a timely fashion.

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