Energy Efficient Solutions for Your Home

This could be also looked upon as a business decision since a house that is
more cost efficient will get a better price on the market. This means that any
investment you will now make into your home and into more efficient energy solutions
will be something you can benefit from later on.

The US government has already created
an energy efficient home ranking program and this will help citizens save money
and also protect the environment by using alternative energy solutions. This
energy efficiency testing program will grade homes on some strict energy
guidelines. This way, an owner will have a clear certificate that states his
home is energy efficient. The house will have a bigger value on the market.

If you imagine that energy
saving solutions means renovating the entire home, you are wrong. There are
small steps you can do and they do not cost much. For example, you can start by
replacing, one by one, the appliances in your home and get better ones, which
save energy. Did you know that by using energy efficient appliances you can
save up to 30% from your energy bill? It is true. Even a small change like
using a compact fluorescent light bulb instead of an incandescent one can make
a difference.

Studies show that this small move will save you $60 in 8 years. And this is
just by replacing one bulb and not all of them. The incandescent bulbs are
using 4 times much more energy than the fluorescent ones and the government is
trying to get people to give up on them.

Kathy Price-Robinson has
stated that in US there are about 500.000 homes that were submitted to the
energy efficiency test and by the end of 2010 there will be 2 million homes
rated. “That is a small step in comparison to the over 128 million homes in the
United States today that are not rated; however, it is surely a step in the
right directionFeature Articles,” Price-Robinson added.

This program will not solve
the problem with our increasing bills but it will give us an idea about how to
act and how to find energy efficient solutions.




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