ERP Troubles And Their Quick Solutions


ERP is being implemented to enable a smooth flow of information in the organization and to increase the productivity. Enterprise Resource Planning implementation requires a lot of study, research and analysis and many important issues have to be taken care of before the implementation. This step should be done in details to avoid the ERP troubles and their solutions later on. One faces many ERP troubles and their solutions have to be applied in order to seal with the problems. There is a drastic change brought about with the implementation of an Enterprise Resource System and so many risks are also involved. The ERP troubles should be solved else there would be a decline in the functioning of the system.Some of the ERP troubles and their solutions are as follows:1. Lack of proper infrastructure: lack of infrastructure and poor facilities may not be able to support the implementation process well. Thus, it can lead to failure of the implementation procedure. It is important to have proper facilities and a proper infrastructure to support implementation and be successful. The required resources should be arranged for before starting the implementation process.2. Lack of management support: Another ERP trouble arises if there is a lack of support from the management which can cause delays in the implementation process. The top management should actively participate in this process to provide quick decisions and for monitoring. The managers should not let their ego clashes delay the project.3. Resistance to changes: Implementation of ERP software brings about a lot of change in the organization. These changes may be resisted by the employees who are not ready to adopt the changes made. It is important for the company to make them realize that the changes need to be adopted in order to speed up the process. 4. Lack of communication: Communication is very essential throughout the implementation project. It is also important that the vendor communicates well with the company to understand the business requirements. If there is a lack of communication, the results will not be satisfactory. 5. Training: One of the ERP troubles is training. The employees need to be properly trained to know and understand the working of the new ERP system. Training takes time and the employees take time to get used to the system. 6. Unrealistic design: If the project design is unrealistic and not practical, it may not be successful. Organizations should have realistic goals and expectations instead of aiming for unrealistic return on investments. 7. Hidden Costs: The budget normally exceeds it limits because of the hidden costs involved in ERP implementation. While evaluating the total costs, the hidden costs should also be taken into account so that the costs do not over shoot the estimated budget. 8. Improper selection: Selection of the vendor and the right ERP package is extremely important. If the platform selected does not suit the organization, the implementation will not be successful. Time should be given for studying the vendor and choosing the right package.These are some of the ERP troubles and their solutions that arise during the implementation of the software.

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