Everything About CitiBusiness PremierPass Card

The Citibank offers a wide variety of credit cards, which suit the financial requirements of different categories of people and the needs. One such card, the CitiBusiness PremierPass Card that rewards the card-users with valuable points, has proved to be a great boon for business travelers who need to travel now and then.

Card Features

The CitiBusiness PremierPass Card offers an introductory annul percentage rate of 0% for balance transfers only (the offer continues for the first 9 months). For other expenses and transactions, the APR stands at a reasonable 14.24%.

You will be required to pay $75 annually towards card fee, which is quite low for a reward card. Of course, the annual fee is exempted for the first year.  

Reward Program

The reward program of the credit card actually entails the point system. You earn literally for each purchase you make with the card. Thus, the first purchase with the card earns you 15000 bonus ‘Thank-You’ points, which are redeemable for a $150 gift certificate. The points you gather thereafter can be used for free air travels, for free purchase of merchandise, for free hotel stays, for buying gift certificates, et al.

You will earn three points for every dollar you spend for buying any business equipments and one point for every other purchase. Suppose you are traveling by air you will earn one point for each mile you travel.

The best part of the reward program is that you will have complete freedom. Thus, you can choose any airline ticket and will not even have any blackout dates; you can travel wherever and whenever your need arises.

Free and unlimited companion travel is another highlight of the reward program.

The card not only helps you save precious penny on travel, it also gives your business a fresh start with its rebates and free offers on business equipment. Side by side, the personal business assistant service speeds up your job with proper and adequate information. It helps by making traveling arrangements and even locates referrals for administrative and marketing purposes. 

The CitiBusiness PremierPass Card benefits you and your family with a $1000000 travel accident insurance coverage; you will also enjoy other benefits like auto rental insurance, travel and emergency assistance services, legal referral services, medical referral services and many similar services.

You will also enjoy online banking options, damage protection, identity theft solutions and theft protection with this card. When you log into your account, you can avail the expert advices provided in the business columns.

The card also provides emergency card and cash replacementHealth Fitness Articles, discounts/rebates on products and services within the Citigroup network and financial statements at the end of the year or quarterly.


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