Fargo HDP5000 Card Printer & System for Plastic ID Card Printing

Dual-Sided Lamination

For the most
durability and security, the HDP5000 can apply a holographic overlaminate to
both sides of the card — in one efficient pass.

The HDP5000 can fit
seamlessly into corporate IT infrastructures. Its onboard Ethernet port and
print server provide the connectivity needed for networked operations.

Encoding options let
you configure the HDP5000 to produce proximity and smart cards for just about
any card-based application. Supported technologies include: HID® iclass®,
MIFARE®/DESFire and Wiegand.

The next generation of smart card applications takes advantage of both a card’s
portability and ability to interact with digital systems. The HDP5000 prints
and encodes multifunction cards in high definition for applications such as:

Cards produced by the HDP5000 are inherently more durable
and secure than cards made by other types of technology. They resist wear and
tear by putting a durable layer of HDP Film between the card image and the
outside world.

They’re also very secure and tamper-evident. If a
counterfeiter tries to peel apart the layers, the image essentially destroys

Card issuance
We can’t say it enough: An ID card is only as secure as the
system that issued it. And Fargo makes the world’s most secure card identity
systems. They’re built on a common technology platform — Fargo’s exclusive
SecureMark® Technology — that reduces vulnerabilities throughout the system,
from storing blank ribbons to password-protecting printers. When you combine
the HDP5000 printer/encoder with our Asure ID® software and Secure Vault™
materials management system, you surround your card issuance process with
exceptionally high-level protection.

So who can you trust to help you put all of this together?
Trust the real-world expertise of an Authorized Fargo Integrator. 
Authorized Fargo Integrators are a critical part of your entire card identity
system — the people who make everything work and help you keep it secure. Fargo
Professional Services works in tandem with your Authorized Fargo Integrator to
provide expertise and product customization for largeArticle Search, sophisticated card
identity systems.


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