Finding the Best Chase Credit Card: Which One Suits Your Needs Best?


Credit cards have become so vital for buying and booking that anyone without one can find life a thoroughly modern lifestyle. The problem is finding the right card for your own needs, but leading issuers, like Chase Bank, provide a selection so as to cover the most number of needs as possible. Finding the best Chase credit card is down to checking out their details.Of course, credit cards are serious items and not to be mistreated. If they are not managed correctly then they can lead to a lot of financial trouble. So, securing cards with low interest rates and keeping a mature attitude towards using the card is important.The good news is that different terms are available on Chase credit cards depending on the needs of the applicant, or the demographic that they are designed to suit. There are three key demographics that are served: general consumer, students and the retired.Cards for General ConsumersThe best Chase credit cards for those simply wanting to pay for products and services with the greatest convenience include a range of three: the Freedom Card, the Platinum Card and the Sapphire Card. Depending on your situation, your income and your experience in handling credit cards, one of these are perfectly suited.For example, for those applying for their first credit card, a small credit limit and a low interest rate is ideal. The Freedom Card offers a variety of rewards, with a $50 free credit on purchases, and 1% cash back on every purchase after that. More importantly, it features a 0% APR and no annual fee as an introductory offer, so the costs are quite low.After that, the Platinum Card offers an interest-free grace period so long as payments are made on-time. There are also introductory offers, like 0% APR, as well as access to the account online. But for the more experienced spender, the Sapphire Chase credit card provides a rewards points system for every dollar spent, with 10,000 points automatically credited to your account after the first purchase.Cards for StudentsThe popularity of credit cards amongst students is understandable. With the absence of any real cash, a credit card provides a way in which to pay for bills and food. The best Chase credit card for college-goers offers an introductory offer of 0% APR and no annual fee to pay.That is not the only good news, with measures introduced to encourage spending in an interactive way. Instead of bonus points, Karma points are earned with every purchase, and these can be shared on Facebook with friends and family. It is basically a cash back system, with music, movies and electronic gadgets available at a discount.With the relatively low interest rates offered, it makes buying on credit more affordable for students, but it is essential that responsible budgeting is done. Students have enough to worry about than facing large debts, and Chase credit cards helps to ensure this does not become the case.Cards for the RetiredFor people who have retired, the aim of life is relax and enjoy it, but that does not mean financial matters are cast aside. The Senior Rewards Platinum card is one of the best Chase credit cards for the senior citizens.The usual 0% introductory APR is applied, and no annual fee and low interest rates but there are also exclusive discounts available from some participating vendors and service providers for senior card holders. What all of this means is that there is a Chase credit card available to suit your needs and lifestyle – even more than the five cards mentioned here.

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