Finding The Right Merchant Credit Card Terminal And Hardware – How Hard Can It Be?


Finding the right merchant credit card terminal and hardware
for your growing business does not have to be an overwhelming task. 
When working with a reputable company, the sales representatives should
be able to help guide you through the learning process on the ins and
outs of your new items.  It may take a little time to learn to navigate
all the features,  but technology is becoming more user friendly all
the time – and yes, this means for the merchant too!

Depending on what provider you choose, credit card hardware can be
purchased or leased.  Some will even offer free equipment as an
incentive for working with them.  Before making your decision, don’t
simply consider the initial cost of the equipment, but rather look at
all the rates and make sure that the commissions and other rates will
make it worth your while over the long term.

Buying equipment from an outside source (such as eBay) is an
alternative, but many merchant account processors will charge you a
reprogramming fee to use it with their system.  This may be negotiable,
so you can try to get them to waive this fee in order to save on the
cost of equipment.  Before buying anything, make sure you are not
signing a contract to enable service.

If deciding to buy equipment directly from your provider, ask them if
you get to take it with you if you change providers.  If you decide to
do this, make sure you are getting a generic model and not one that is
specific to the provider.  Find out what kind of contracts if you are
getting a reduced price on equipment – think of finding the right
equipment like buying a cell phone – if you are getting the phone free,
it’s because you are locked in with some kind of fees.  Find out what
they are so you aren’t blindsided later.

The hardware you will need to shop for will include a credit card
terminal, key pad and a printer.  Find a design that is friendly for
your workspace, aesthetically appealing for your customers, and easy to
use.  Once you have your equipment, be prepared to spend several hours
getting to know the different functions and features.  This will allow
you to help expedite your customer’s transactions. 

With the wide range of products, make sure to read some readily
available reviews.  This will help ensure that  you have the right
system for you.  Taking time to invest in the right merchant credit card terminal and hardware will ultimately save you time in the future.  It is not that hard!

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