First Swiss Card: 7 advantages of having a prepaid card


What makes budgeting efficient? What payment method ensures you privacy? What is a new successful financial tool of the 21st century? Three questions and one answer – First Swiss Card! Besides, there are 8 reasons why you will benefit from using one.


For now, remaining a relatively new and uncommon payment tool, a prepaid card picks up steam in the modern world. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the amount of money people load onto prepaid cards grew 65 times for the period of 9 years! From $1 billion in 2013 the amount hiked $65 billion in 2012. And it keeps growing.

First Swiss Card: Why do more and more people start choosing prepaid cards?

1. Efficient Budgeting
How to control your expenses and not to waste too much? The trick is simple: you just cannot use too much. The idea behind prepaid cards is in that if the money is gone, it is gone – no way to spend more than you actually have, no option to use overdraft. By the way, it is a perfect solution for parents to give money to their children.

2. No Overdraft – No Overdraft Fees
This point feeds from the previous one. With no option to overdraft on regular prepaid card, you don’t pay an overdraft fee (in comparison to bank cards, where you can be charged a considerable fee or even several fees for overdrawing even a small sum).

3. Privacy is Primary
Privacy is always crucial. To acquire a prepaid card you don’t need to provide personal information; consequently, your identity cannot be compromised.

4. Convenient Reloading
Some cards do need to be reloaded in the original purchasing locations, but there are also many prepaid cards that can be reloaded online, e.g., MasterCard, First Swiss Card.

5. Easy ATM Withdrawals
With all modern payment tools, still some places do not accept cards. Not a problem! With a prepaid card you can head for the nearest ATM and withdraw as much money as you need. Note, this is where you will be charged a fee.

6. Protection against fraud
Not only credit and debit cards offer consumer protection. Prepaid cards, be it Visa, MasterCard or American Express, offer deposit insurance or a zero-liability policy. With the case of, e.g., First Swiss Card, you can lock it in your Online or Mobile Banking.

7. No Credit Risk
Usually, transactions made through prepaid cards are not reported to credit bureaus. It means, you can make big purchases, which will not show up in your credit reports.

Having these advantages, a prepaid card could be a reasonable choice for a person living in the world of today. It certainly offers more freedom and independenceHealth Fitness Articles, which is so vital these days.

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