Five Deadfalls to Look For While Installing Magento Themes or Extensions The popular eCommerce devel

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform which offers excellent flexibility for the themes and extensions; it has few critical features which Magento developers should consider for successfully developing efficient and productive ecommerce websites. The article compiles a list of few points which needs to be considered while using Magento themes and extensions to avoid deadfalls.

The popular eCommerce development platform Magento is a delight for any developer. Developers can give wings to their creativity and implement them in reality with the application of all the available open source eCommerce platform themes and extensions. Furthermore, the ever-growing community of developers is always bringing fresh updates for Magento themes, plug-ins, modules, and extensions and the development ecosystem you work in is productive, prospective and outcomes focused.

Whatever be the right choice as the platform for developing a website, website development is never so simple. Absolutely, as a developer, your skills, and expertise of managing the process of web development does come into the show to conclude if you see website development a challenging experience or something which is easy and simple.

The write-up does not focus the challenge or the development ease, rather, features the traps one needs to avoid while installing the Magento themes or extensions. The five pitfalls one needs to avoid are –

Choose the best suitable Extensions and Themes

In maximum cases, the victory or failure of a Magento site is identified at the primary stages itself, true when the developers decide the theme or extension for the Magento site. The trap to fend off here is picking the wrong extension or theme.

By focusing too much on the appearances while choosing themes, you might be overlooking the major factor that secures website success — usability. Often, developers mistakenly choose such themes which don’t fit the scope of the website or the products on eCommerce.

Picking the right one is crucial — choosing the wrong extension or theme will involve losing the plan even before commencing the actual development process.

Not Consulting with the Host Provider

Discuss the modules, extensions, theme installation you are considering for the Magento eCommerce development website with your hosting provider. By holding them in the circuit, you will get the Magento experience which the hosting provider can support your design.  If you are facing several technical or non-technical issues with respect to installation, high probability of a good chance that the provider will help you.

Version Compatiblity

Not discussing the themes and extensions with the hosting provider points to all sorts of obstacles, particularly those associated with the website security and the overall user experience. Developers make very silly and common blunder, and usually, it occurs when not paying attention. Before considering any theme or extension a perfect fit you need to check its version compatibility. You cannot end up in a position where you find the extension of the theme is not smoothly executing as it isn’t compatible with the Magento version you are using.


It’s essential to study up the other developer’s experiences those who have developed a Magento website, for choosing any extension. This will provide you certainty on the pros and cons of installing Magento themes or extensionsHealth Fitness Articles, and further will benefit you to avoid slips.

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