Freedom, Integrity, Security: password manager software

Want to have a single password for all internet services? Probably, you’ll answer no. And it totally makes sense: one broken account breaks them all. But think about it: putting aside all the danger, the option looks pretty attractive. A secure password manager can give you this opportunity.

Freedom from multiple passwords to keep in mind is something reachable with a secure password manager – a program that will provide internet password security and leave you a single password to remember.

Absolutely, you can invent your own way of managing your passwords. There are many of them already created. Today we’ll take a deeper look at the most widespread ways.

A list on the paper

Of course, it’s very simple – you just write down all your passwords and take the list with you wherever you go. But don’t think that it’s sufficiently convenient. If you have a long list, it will hardly be an easy job to find the needed one in the list. And furthermore, can you be absolutely sure that you won’t lose it?

A built-in browser password saver

This method can really be called convenient and handy. Each time you type your password, your browser offers you to save it. Any popular browser has this feature. But a built-in browser tool can not be considered as a secure password manager. It stores your information without any protection and everyone who uses your computer can access it.

A separate file on your hard disk

Many people create a text file or a word document, containing the list of passwords. This approach can be secure enough in case you use password protection. Actually, this way is not so convenient, but can be rather applicable due to its safety.

A secure password manager

This approach is based on the special software that will help you not only to safely store your passwords, but also to save your time and efforts as it commonly has many additional features: auto filling formsHealth Fitness Articles, creating random passwords and other.

Today’s technologies are rapidly developing to offer you more and more convenient solutions to make your life a little bit easier. The facility of remembering only one master password is now so easy and often is accompanied by many other wholesome opportunities brought by secure password management software.

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