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Leslie was determined to save all the money she could for her wedding next year. So, she cut back on her fast food outings, date nights with friends and even her hair salon visits. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when she refused to solicit the help of a freight shipping service to deliver an antique bookcase to her mother. Well, it was a little bit of a surprise, but no one was particularly shocked.”Leslie, I think you are going a little too far with this saving money thing,” said her cousin Emma, while they were sitting in the living room watching television one night. “I understand you want to have a nice wedding, but I don’t think hiring a freight shipping service this one time will stop you.”Leslie looked over at Emma and smiled.”I know you’re just trying to help Emma,” said Leslie. “The thing is my mother only lives across town. So, it really makes no sense for me to waste all of that money when there are people available to help me at a much lower cost.”Emma stared at Leslie in disbelief, as she realized she was fighting a losing battle.The next day, Leslie called to ask a few of her family members and friends if they could help her with the bookcase, for a small fee. To her surprise, the only person who would agree was her uncle Ned. He wasn’t the most reliable person in the world, but he did have a truck. So, Leslie agreed to let him along with a few of his friends transport the bookcase.”Careful, with that,” Leslie said to the group of makeshift movers as they loaded the bookcase onto the back of the truck. “That is an antique.””Oh don’t worry yourself, honey bunch,” said Uncle Ned. “We’re going to get this over to your mother safe and sound.”They finally left, but Leslie all of a sudden didn’t feel right about the situation. She started thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. She then began to regret the fact that she hadn’t used a freight shipping service. After nearly an hour had passed, her anxiety grew to peak levels. So, she decided to give her mother a call to see if the bookcase had made it safely. However, before she could dial the number, she noticed that her mother was calling her.”Leslie, what in the world were you thinking?” asked her mother. “This is a disaster. They have damaged the bookcase so much that I will never be able to get a fair appraisal.””I’m sorry mother,” said Leslie as the reality of her mistake hit her like a ton of bricks.

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