Frequent Theme Parks?? The Universal Entertainment MasterCard

JPMorgan Chase and Co. is favored across many countries for its commendable banking and financial services for personal as well as business purposes. Essentially the credit cards from Chase are admired most as they meet the various needs that are expected from a credit card. 

The Universal Entertainment MasterCard is such a card issued by Chase, which is ideal for you, if you are one who is enthused by music, movies and other such forms of entertainment.

If you are a creditworthy cardholder of Universal Entertainment MasterCard, you can take advantage of the unique rewards program. The program not only provides you major discounts on Universal products and merchandise, it also permits you to attend exclusive events and movie shows.

With the Universal Entertainment card in your pocket, you will also have huge chances of winning tickets for an entertainment award event, customized entertainment library, various backstage passes and much more.

You will really be enthralled with the amount of rewards you can avail from Universal Entertainment MasterCard. The list of rewards is as follows: 

§         For purchases of one dollar at selected Universal Studio Theme Parks, hotels and resorts with the card, you will receive two points

§         Other general purchases with the card will earn you one universal point for every dollar

§         You can redeem your first reward at just 900 points

§         There are a wide variety of universal products on which you can redeem your universal points – right from private movie screenings, concert tickets, CDs and DVDS to different entertainment merchandise.

However you should remember that there is a Chase limits on the number of points you can accumulate per month and that depends on the level of your authorized credit limit. Thus, if you have a credit limit of $ 2500, then you will not be allowed to earn more than 2500 points in a single month.

The essential features of the Universal Entertainment MasterCard are summed up below:

§         Your card comes with an introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 0% on new purchases and balance transfers for the first six months.

§         Once the introductory period gets over you will have a competitive APR of 14.24 percent. This will be perfect for those of you who plan to pay off their balances in full each month.

§         This card from Chase is annual fee-free

There are some outstanding additional advantages attached to the Universal Entertainment MasterCard that you would crave to have in your credit card.

To begin with, the card offers you free music downloads, easy access to tickets for opening weekends of Universal movies and chance to win tickets for various entertainment awards. Moreover, you can also create your own customized entertainment library at great discount prices. Again, the card offers you exclusive guest benefits at Universal Orlando Resorts.

Additionally, you will also be entitled to auto rental insurance, lost and stolen card reporting services, travel accident insurance, along with cash and card replacement assurancesFind Article, if you require them urgently.


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