Get SMART with Goal Setting

To really get going and achieve what you want, you must set goals and followthrough. Setting goals is not just writing down what you want. To turn a wish list into true goals you need to follow certain guidelines. Goal setting is a formal process that takes some time to complete, but it will get you pointing in the right direction. It is a course of action that starts by understanding what your major definite purpose is. Where is it you want to go in life? Then working from there you identify values and clearly define your goals.

For each goal you need to define the steps and plan those activities. It isnecessary to evaluate your goals to make sure they are SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based. Goals that arenot all of these, lack qualities that help you focus.

Lets look….

SPECIFIC – If it is not specific you can’t really see the target, so you can’t aim at it. MEASURABLE – If it is not measurable you won’t know when you get there. ATTAINABLE – If the goal is too far out of reach, it can actually be quitedestructive. For example, If you earn $40,000/year and set a goal of$1,000,000 a year this may be quite de-motivating, but setting $60Business Management Articles,000 wouldbe attainable. REALISTIC – If it is not realistic it can be discouraging. You need to believe it is possible. TIME BASED – If it is not time based you will not be driven to finish it. Without the time limit there will be no urgency to act. These characteristics are all important. They are what really qualifies a goal as a true goal.

So set your goals now. Remember the feeling of success when you achieve your goals will motivate you further. With formal goal setting you will seepossibilities you never even dreamed of and know which path is best for you!You will be able to focus on what will truly benefit your life.

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