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If you want to become a Certified Public Accountant, then first thing you need to accomplish is to finish your Accounting degree.  This requires you to finish a higher education program that could last for four to five years.  To make your life easier, you can get your degree from an accredited college online.  There are lots of online colleges and universities today that can offer bachelors degree program with a major in Accounting. Your online accounting degree will serve as your ticket to take the professional qualifying exams to become a full pledged Certified Public Account.   Some of the best online universities have top notch programs for accounting degrees.  You can also enjoy affordable and reasonable tuition fees from an accredited college online.  An online education is the most convenient and flexible way to earn your degree.  If you study online, you will be able to combine work, school and family without trouble.  That is because online colleges will allow you some flexibility in choosing your schedules.  There are online colleges that provide full online education while there are also some institutions that combine online and classroom teaching.  It is up to you to choose which modality of instruction would be suitable for your specific circumstance.  If you take Accounting courses from an exceptional college online, then you will enjoy balanced education similar to those provided by traditional universities.  A typical online program for accounting majors will offer more than 60 hours of instructions in basic and advanced accounting.  However, your course will also take up management courses, business courses, and some aspects of business law.  You will also get additional instructions on liberal arts and general education programs.  Normally, the first two years of your education will tackle general education, basic business courses, basic math, and basic accounting.  By finishing your first two years, you are now qualified to earn an Associate degree in Accounting.  The last two years to three years of your education will touch on advanced accounting and business principles.  Taking business law courses is also required at this stage. An accredited college online will be able to confer a Bachelors degree for you with a major in Accounting science.  The degree you earned from an online college would be similar in weight and relevance from the degree earned in prestigious universities.  That is why you can proceed with your professional qualifying exam to become a full pledged Certified Public Accountant.  Companies also recognize online accounting degrees so your job prospects would be brighter. If you want to pursue advanced education, you can apply to an MBA program which is also available from prestigious online universities.  You also have the option to take up a Bachelors of Law degree with specialization on corporate and tax laws.  Another option available for you is to get a Master’s degree in Accounting so you can proceed later on to a PhD program.  These programs are available online.  That is why you will get plenty of educational opportunities to enrich your knowledge and qualifications. 

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