Getting a Bad Credit or No Credit Auto Loan

Everyday people swamp into the dealerships all across the US, looking at new or pre owned vehicles. Getting an auto loan can be challenging, but there are different options depending on your credit score and credit history. Bad credit shouldn’t stop anyone from getting a car loan, it may be obtainable to even the worst situations. But, be prepared you may have to provide such things as: proof of residence, most recent pay check stubs, and maybe even references. Bad credit car loans are harder to get than good credit car loans, it just depends on the situation, also a huge factor that plays a role in a car loan is money down. If one puts a good amount of money down toward a car (a couple thousand) is going to increase the your chances of getting approved.

The amount of money down that you put towards your new car loan will not only make your application look better but it will also lower the risk for the lender. Bad credit or no credit is a risk for the lenders because of the previous credit history; it affects the way that they look at it. If one is putting no money down and looking to purchase a car even if it’s inexpensive, it will be pretty hard to accomplish. This is because of the previous credit history, and the lender doesn’t have any collateral. Also with a large amount of money down this will help get the attention of more lenders, getting you competitive rates, and a better chance to get approved for your new car.

Also take into consideration the vehicles that your are choosing, you must be flexible with the payments, but at the same time you have to make sure it’s affordable and fits your budget. If it doesn’t meet your budget and you finance the car anyways. You may end up getting it repossessed within a few months or years. Look for vehicles that book out to their value. A book out is the amount that a certain car can get loaned up to. So by choosing a car that doesn’t hold its value may not be the right choice, because the bank may not even finance you on that particular car.

The most essential things that one needs to take into consideration when purchasing a car with bad credit or no credit is the money that you put down, credit history, time on job, take home pay, and the car itself. If its possible for someone to co-sign for the vehicle that may be something to take into consideration, but it also may be a risk for the person co-signing. The co-signer should have very good credit, or excellent credit. Remember the lower the risk for the lenders, the lower the rates, easier chance for approvalHealth Fitness Articles, so gather as much money down before your start car shopping. This will definitely benefit you in the end. Be prepared to provide these documents in order to get you approved for a loan. It is to your benefit and it help your chances of getting competitive rates with more lenders interested in financing your car.

Dale Rogers

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