Getting Help from Gmail Tech Support for Password Recovery and Knowing How to Create Strong Password

Recovering the password for your email account through Gmail password recovery console is simple and easy to use. However before we learn to reset the password, let’s first know how to create a strong and effective one so that your account is safe and secure from the hackers.

Recommendations while choosing a password for your account: 
1. Password should be at least 8 characters long: Though this is the minimum requirement for a password however it is always advisable to choose at least 10 characters and more. 
2. At least one upper case: Your password must have at least one letter in upper case however more can make it stronger but make sure that they are not consecutive. 
3. At least one special character: Adding a special character to your password makes it harder to guess for anyone because every character is unique in itself. 
4. At least one number: Avoid adding your date of birth to your password because this is the most common mistake people make. Instead, use your lucky number and make sure that you use it in the middle of the password. Avoid using consecutive numbers. 
5. Change your password: Though Gmail does not ask you to change your password ever however it is recommended that you change it every 90 days.

Tip: Don’t right your password on a paper, instead make it your unforgettable memory.

How to recover the password in case you forget it?

Well, all webmail providers have their own steps of recovering it however Gmail comes with a unique feature of 2-step verification. This method is the safest and easiest way to recover. 
An alternate email address: Alternate email address was mentioned by you when you first created the account. This is to verify that the owner of the account is trying to reset the password. 
Phone Number: Again, your phone number was provided by you at the time of signing up.

If you don’t have access to any one of them you can still recover it by using the other.

Steps to follow: 
1. Click on “Need help?” on the sign in page. 
2. On the next screen, click on “I don’t know my password”, enter your email address and hit continue. 
3. If you remember any of the last password then type it on the next screen else click on “I don’t know”. 
4. On the next screen it will show you the phone number. If you have the access of it just get the code and enter it there. It will allow you to reset the password. 
5. If you don’t have the access to your phone number, click on “I can’t access my phone” and the next screen will show the recovery email. Just get the recovery link on your alternate email and follow instructions.

The password you enter should be strong enough for others to guess and easy enough for you to remember.

If the above mentioned steps does not workBusiness Management Articles, you can always call the Technical help desk and talk to the experts for the same.

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