Getting Your Mail Opened

Let’s face it: Direct mail selling isn’t easy. Especially when recipients don’t open your marketing envelop. When these are not opened you don’t make money. Period.

Before you can receive an order, the recipient of your mailer must first open your envelop without sijmply discarding the materials without a second thought.

Because of the high costs of the whole process including printing, envelopes, and postage, your mailing package represents a hefty investment. It doesn’t make sense to make this investment, and then have your sales material discarded in unopened mailings.

But with the following tips, you will have a substantial
reduction in the number of mail and a pleasantly profitable increase in sales.

1. If you envelope looks like junk mail, it will be treated as such. The solution is simple – don’t mail your material in
envelopes that look like junk mail.

2. Avoid using mailing labels, because they make your envelopes look like junk mail.

3. Type the addresses or neatly write them on your envelopes.

4. If you don’t have time to print or type your addresses, then pay someone to address the envelopes for you. Pay them for each envelope they address; do not pay them by the hour.

6. If you must use labels, then use colored ones.

7. If colored labels are too expensive, you can color white
labels with a marking pen. Fluorescent marking pens are
especially good for this purpose. You can find these just about anywhere.

8. Use colored envelopes.

9. Use first class postage and print FIRST CLASS in several
places on the envelope. An inexpensive rubber stamp, with red ink, makes an “official” looking impression.

10. Do not use rubber stamps on your envelopes – very tacky!

11. Also do not use return address labels.

12. Invest in a print shop to print your return address on your
outgoing envelopes.

13.Preferably employ a colored typewriter ribbon to address envelopes.

14. Use a colored pen to address envelopes – maybe red or green and use large envelopes.

A few of these methods are a little odd, and a few are
more pricey than normal methodsFree Reprint Articles, but they will all help to
get your envelopes opened and increase your sales. Use these tips with your own business and watch your sales grow.

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