Glass coating makes guarantees for your driving safety

Then the water refraction forming on the glass will make you can not see the front objects. Sometimes large vehicles have intersection with the cars in the opposite direction, the splashes of cart wheel will go towards your car. At this time, everything outside the car blurred. There are great hidden dangers to your driving safety. The glass coating has a unique performance for your driving safety.

Using the latest imported raw materials combined with high technology, the advantages of the main constituents of seventeen fluoroalkyl silane glass coating containing 17 fluorine atoms, eight carbon atoms in its molecular skeleton zinc oxide, its durability excellent, but also can give the excellent performance of the oil. Can handle attached to the grease in automotive glass and Zang matter of strong detergency, you can fill the tiny pores in the glass, and the formation of a layer of smooth and transparent surface, so that drops of water difficult to attach. Rain at high speed the greater the effect is more obvious in urban areas and wipers for use with a clear line of sight, to see farther.

Before use, the glass cleaning Wipe clean, and keep the glass dry, the agent evenly sprayed up with a clean towel, sponge, non-woven glass surface coated, and then coated solvent evaporation of the liquid, so that it is fully dry, after the full response of the glass surface with 17 fluoroalkyl silane, the glass surface of the excess component with a towel, sponge, woven fabrics and other difficult to scratch items to wipe. Conditions of room temperature, and relative humidity of 60% curing better in the dry after 24h.

Be coated with a good glass coating agent is fully cured, wipe, early water resistance, waterproof persistent slip coated surface can be inspected and evaluated its performance.

Coated wipe dry curing, the glass surface and the glass coating agent fully reflect in the glass surface with a sponge coated glass coating agent, full, wipe with a dry towel, then visually observe the state of the glass surface implementation of the wipe operation until it reaches a certain state, processed glass-coated glass surface is easy to complete uniform and clean.

Accordance with the scheduled implementation of water on the glass surface, configuration, experimental films, the contact angle precision measurement device, the contact angle in the drip loss measured 0.04ml and room temperature. By the glass coating after the contact angle can reach 110 to 160 degrees, or even super-hydrophobic state.

Waterproofed in accordance with the intended method on the glass, remove the experimental films, experimental films dipping in acidic solution, the thermostat at 50 degrees 5 hours, cooled to room temperature after removing the determination of the contact angle. Predetermined water treatment, automotive glass, then add water side to side so that the wiper action, the observation wipe jitter.

Waterproofed in accordance with the intended method on the glass, experimental films thermostat at 50 degrees 5 hours, remove and cool to room temperature, wipe with a clean gauze magnesia coated surface, visually the state of the coated surface. The excellent performance of the glass coating agent is that it can meet the above test, this is a common organic silane resin can not be achieved. Super-hydrophobic effect of the oil makes the glass surface to reduce pollution, easy to clean. Whether it is in still in the process of moving, when the droplets fell through the glass coating agent treated glass surface, the water droplets in the glass fragmented into many small water droplets, similar to a ball droplets and automatically along the inclined plane rolledFeature Articles, not adhesion on its surface. Source: 

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